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Is a solid nodule always cancerous

My mom has 4 nodules on her thyroid. One is suspicious because it's solid and showing up dark on the ultrasound with macrocalification. Does that mean it's definitely cancerous.
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No.  90% is benign.  Even the malignant ones are highly curable.  Don't think too much.  Wait for path report with some patience.
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I agree that you need to wait for the pathology report - assuming that FNA has been performed.  Only 5% of all thyroid nodules turn out to be cancer and as noted, is curable.  

Please keep us posted on results and let us know how we can help support your mother and you in this journey.
Thanks. I appreciate it. She gets the biopsy May 22
Please let us know how it goes and don't be afraid to ask questions in the meantime.
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