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Is it depression or hypothyroidism? pls help

My Labs so normal, but I feel terrible and it's been almost two years. I'm thinking I won't ever be myself again.
The mental symptoms are the worse, depression, anxiety, brain fog,forgetfulness and etc. And I have physical symptmoms such as fatigue, thinning eyebrows,dry skin.hair, brittle nails, IBS and so much more.
I often feel like I'm going crazy and its in my head because every daughter says my levels are fine. But I just can''t function anymore. I'm only 22 and feel as if I'm going senile sometimes like I'm a zombie walking around.
here are my results from almost a month ago
TSH- 1.019 (0.350-4.500)
FREE T4- 1.27 (0.80-1.80)
FREE T3- 2.5 (2.3-4.2)
Thyroglobulin Antibody- 20.0 (40.00)
Thyroid Peroxidase- 10.0 (35.0 iu/ml)
I'm just thinking of accepting the AD's
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Most members have reported feeling best when their FREE T4 is in the middle of the range or slightly higher and their FREE T3 is from 2/3 to 3/4 towards the high end of the range. It is not uncommon for TSH to become suppressed when adjusting medication to those levels, especially if the patient is on a T3 supplement in addition to T4.

From your labs, it looks like your FREE T4 is just about in the middle of the range but your FREE T3 is quite low, almost at the bottom of the range. Symptoms seem to coordinate best with T3 levels, so it's not surprising that you are feeling badly. The mental symptoms are especially responsive to T3 medication. What thyroid medication are you taking and what is your dosage ?
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I agree that your FT3 is way too low in the range.  If you're on a thyroid medication, you may need an increase; if you aren't on one, you should ask your doctor if you can try a trial dose, to see if it makes you feel better.

All of your symptoms, including depression are are typical of hypothyroidism.
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There was lots of good info given to you in your previous thread.


What has changed since then?  Have you considered following up on some of the suggestions given to you?  

As I read somewhere, "If you do what you did, you'll get what you got".  
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I'm just wondering since doctors keep saying my levels are normal, could it be possibly depression causing all of these symptoms?? because I had depression before, maybe it's two separate issues. I considered everything I've received in that post. Just curious trying to see whats what.
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Hi, I'm currently on 75 mcg levo and still feel terrible.
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Sometimes it's easier if issues are kept on a single thread; that way we don't have to keep asking the same questions, or giving the same information.

Knowing that depression is a symptom of being hypo, we're always reluctant to go with a dx of depression, when FT3 is as low as yours, because, often, once FT3 is raised to the upper part of the range, the depression is alleviated.

In my opinion, you should ask your doctor for a trial dose of T3 to see if your levels come up, before agreeing to anti-depressants. If your doctor refuses, you might want to find another, because any doctor that believes that "in range" is good enough, will keep you ill.
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