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Is it normal?

Is it normal or even possible to loose 60 lbs by regulating the thyroid? I was 120 lbs before I got pregnant with my boys 1 and 2 1/2 years, I was 145 after I had my first and then I jumped to 160 after my second and now since I am 180... I just started researching hypothyroidism  since I was diagnosed Friday, All this time I have hated myself thinking that if I wasn't such a lazy pig I would feel better... I felt relieved to know it's not the case but know I am so worried about  staying big... I hope and pray I can be the vibrant healthy young woman I was 3 years ago? I am hoping that I will get my energy back and start exercising again, the Dr told me I needed  to and I replied with " how can I when I can barely get out of bet and take care of my kids little lone myself".  I used to exercise everyday I still have a healthy eating style... I just stopped having the energy to move. I am crying right now in frustration!!
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You're in good company, lass, no need to cry :) Hypothyroidism is like trying to get through each day while being heavily sedated and there isn't a lot of joy to be had there!

Truthfully, it is very unusual to lose as much as 60 lbs simply by regulating the thyroid alone. The weight that IS lost is usually from the benefit of being able to DO more and be more active again once the thyroid replacement begins to take effect. Even the experts tend to agree that the thyroid may ultimately only be responsible for about 5 - 10 lbs, and the rest falls into the "other" category. Not so good news for the rest of us who were hoping for that 90% discount toward our old figures once we started popping those thyroid pills.

From both your hypothyroidism and your children, your body may be metabolizing certain nutrients differently than before, or you may be more sensitive to certain types of foods than you had been previously. Your foundation in healthy eating will be your greatest ally in weeding out any potential suspects that may now be holding you back. Table sugar for instance, even when it is stirred into a fat-free latte, a lowfat yogurt, or hidden in a can of stewed tomatoes, still has the power to act as a pure carbohydrate/starch in our bloodstreams and fat cells, especially when our metabolisms are compromised. Same goes for pointlessly empty or starchy grains such as pasta and rice.

Here's where I'm from: I was 230 lbs. when I was finally diagnosed with hypothyroidism after what was probably a decade or more living with the disease. Even on medication, my weight shot up to 255 lbs by the next year, mainly because my diet was lousy as anything. A bunch of exposed roots in my teeth suddenly made eating sugar pure agony...which I also took as a sign to slap some sense into myself. On fruits, veggies, lean meats, enriched grains, and dairy (and sugarless colas and hot cocoas) and no real fancy exercise, I dropped from 255 to 217...and it's still going down. Hypothyroidism and all.

Cheer up. You WILL be slim again. Time to experiment! :D
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I agree that it will be unlikely to lose 60 pounds just by regulating your thyroid hormone; however, regulating your thyroid hormone should make it easier to lose because it should bring your metabolism back to normal, and of course, you will have more energy, so will be moving around more anyway.  

I know a lot of doctors say that hypothyroidism will only cause a gain of 5-10 pounds; however, I can't agree with that.  I was always very tiny (5' tall, between 95-110 pounds) all my life, except for a few times that I "ballooned" for no reason, then shrunk again, still for no apparent reason, but I've now decided I was alternating between hyper and hypo for a lot of yrs before my thyroid finally "quit".  When it did, I put on 30 lbs in about 3-4 months and as soon as I got on med, the gain stopped.  I'm at the point now, where I "can" lose, but I'm not one of the lucky ones; the weight doesn't "fall off" me; I have to work at every pound that comes off.

Since you already have healthy eating habits, it may be simply a matter of more exercise and portion control.  Of course, staying with fresh fruits/veggies, low/no fat dairy, lean meats, whole grains, healthy fats, etc will go a long way toward helping you meet your goals.  Some people advocate eliminating both dairy and grains completely; however, I feel that if you don't have an allergy, sensitivity or intolerance to them, they are a necessary part of a balanced diet. The key is moderation.
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thanks, It's the energy to get up an go , to go on  the 2 mile walks every couple days with the dogs, to go out with my friends, all the thing I so badly want to do and  can't I want my life back ... I feel relieved we know what it is but still so blue thinking "where am I , where did I go" "Is it me still inside this body?" I have always been so active, I was never skinny but I was healthy 5 1" 120 lbs athletic build, rock climbing, mountain hiking, biking, swimming, etc. I know if I can just get the energy to do these things again I will be able to loose the weight with no problem. Between the extreme fatigue and the aches and pains I feel as thought I am trapped.  I don't eat sweets, we have never kept snacks int he out... snack for us are fruits and veggies we grow our own tomatoes and bell peppers. I don't even like sugar in my coffee I drink it black or will a little milk. I take multi-vitamins, and eat fish and white, lean meats, I do eat rice about once a week I can cut that out and eat another veg table,  Crazy thing is I used to eat pasta all the time and I barely cook it once a month if even that now. I also  started drinking soda's instead of water b/c I thought it would give me more energy, I have only been drinking water now that I know I have low thyroid. I greatly appreciate your advice any and all I can get is so greatly appreciated. do you feel you have t he energy you want? Does it come back gradually or will I start to feel it soon? I am sick and tired if felling sick and tired>..lol. TIA  
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Like any hormone therapy, it takes a while to fully move into your system (and move out). Generally it takes about 6 weeks or so to get the full benefit of thyroid medication, but thyroid levels, like energy levels, can fluctuate, so be aware that good days and bad days will also be a regular part of the package (just hopefully not as severe).

I found I had a tremendous surge of energy and mental clarity about 5-6 weeks into therapy that lasted about a week....but then it faded again. Fortunately, I got a lot done that week :)

Since then, I have found that a supplement of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and vitamin D with breakfast really seem to kick off the energy levels for the main part of the day. Why Thiamine? One of the subtle signs of underactive thyroid can be thiamine DEFICIENCY. A year before my diagnosis, I had a blood workup where everything came back relatively normal EXCEPT the thiamine levels, which were so low they couldn't even be measured. The doctor didn't even mention the subject, but I was very concerned as to why I had nearly NONE of one vitamin while all the others were where they should be, considering that the main sources of thiamine---pork, whole wheat, and kidney beans----were a regular part of my diet and I had never acquired a taste for alcoholic drinks (which can deplete thiamine).

While I can't go as far to say that everyone with hypothyroidism is missing vitamin B1, it is something to keep in mind. Though there are no official statistics on the effects of vitamin B1 supplements beyond a certain dosage, I found that 100mg is the best balance for me. More than that, and it seems to trigger my problems with chest pressure.
Vitamin D is fine at 400mg. I've seen manufacturers go as high as 5000mg, but since too much vitamin D CAN be toxic, there's no point in overdoing it right off the bat.

Cheer up, be patient, and stay in the fight!
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Most people who are hypo for whatever reason, have lots of fatigue and exhaustion.
I had my thyroid removed and was in the gym everyday prior after losing 30lbs. After the surgery, i had no energy for anything.....now i am 5mos post surgery and i have all of the energy in the am, so i started back in the gym 6weeks ago along with changing my diet (again)..., i have lost 5lbs in two weeks and i will continue to push for much more. My levels are not yet stable, but as long as i can get out and do it, i will...

The key is to stay focused on your health and your symptoms and never give up!!!!
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