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Is it okay to consume dairy only one hour after taking Levothyroxine?

My Doctor told me that I can consume dairy like milk, yogurt, etc. one hour after taking Levothyroxine, but the medication says that I should wait 4 hours before consuming iron/calcium. I don’t know if I should just wait 4 hours or 1 hour before consuming dairy.
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The recommended 4 he wait to consume calcium/iron applies more to supplements than a small amount of milk or yogurt for breakfast. Supplements have huge amounts of calcium whereas the milk you have for breakfast is only a small portion of your calcium intake.  As long as you aren't consuming huge portions of milk/yogurt you should be waiting an hour.
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Ah okay thanks a lot!!
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What about eggs?

Can a person have like 2 eggs with breakfast?

I know eggs are high in protein but not sure of the calcium content.  (other than the egg shells which are about 100% calcium, but I don't eat the shells LOL!)
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I've never heard of eggs being a problem in regards to absorbing thyroid medications.  My egg carton says 1 egg contains only 2% of the recommended daily amount of calcium, which is much less calcium than dairy products contain (1 cup of milk contains 25% of RDA)  

Eggs are an excellent source of protein, as you know, but they're also one of the best sources of Vitamin B-12 and other vitamins as well.  

If I had to choose between eating the 2 eggs or having a cup of milk for breakfast, I'd choose the 2 eggs.  

That said, adding some milk to one's coffee or cereal isn't going to make a huge difference as long as one leaves the recommended hour between thyroid medication and eating breakfast.

Again, IMO, the main emphasis is on supplements or anything that contains large amounts of calcium or iron.

It should be noted that fiber can also inhibit absorption of thyroid medication, which, IMO, makes eggs a better choice than, say, a grain based cereal which is chock full of fiber unless one can wait a longer period of time.  If that can't be done, some doctors might be willing to make small medication adjustments.    
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