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Is it possible for 1/2 of your thyroid to just disappear?

My Mother went to have an ultrasound on her thyroid recently (since I have been having all of my issues) & the lady doing it asked her when she had the other half removed. She never did! We are waiting on the results still but has anyone ever heard of this? Any info would be appreciated! Thanks :)
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yes- I had an ultrasound of my thyroid when I was 16 and was asked the same question. I was like what are you talking about?! My endocrinologist at that time said I was probably born that way and that the other half of my thyroid was producing enough hormone for my body so it wasn't a problem. Since then, I've been diagnosed hypothyroid and take meds. I had my ultrasound redone this year when I was 23 and it still shows I have only one side. No more has disappeared so I guess that's good.

I've not been able to find any information about others that only have one side without it being surgically removed. How is your mom? is she hypo? keep me updated on waht her results are please!
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When she had the other half removed? - Has she had a partial removal already?

If she had part of the thyroid removed and received RAI then the other half of the gland could be ablated.
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My sister in law (on this community actually) found out she was born with only half a thyroid .. that's a possibiilty, too!

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Thank you all for your response. To be clear, No, she has not had any part of her thyroid removed. Back in the 70's she had her thyroid checked (probably during pregnancies) & they told her she had a large goiter (but she actually had a whole thyroid). They told her she had to take some pills for the rest of her life which she only took for about a year & stopped. We were very poor growing up & my Mother put us first & neglected herself. She doesn't remember what she was prescribed & unfortunately my Dad has past so I can't ask him (he was the one to actually tell me of her goiter issue, not her). She is finally going to the doctors now because I told her we need her results as I may have a genetic thyroid issue. The only thyroid blood test the doctor did recently was her TSH which was 2.67 (normal range 0.45-4.50). So now we are waiting on the results of the ultrasound, which has been 3 weeks...kind of ridiculous! Like me, she has had a chronic sore throat for months, ear pain & frequent headaches. Any thoughts or advice?
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Hi, I had my ultrasound done today and I only have half of my thyroid.  I have the right side but not the left.  I had an ultrasound 18 years ago and I had the other half then.  I don't know what happened to it over the years.  I will have to contact the hospital where I had the first ultrasound to have them compared.  I was diagnosed with Hasimoto's Thyroiditis 18 years ago and I've been on levoxyl ever since.  I am now diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which was about 2004.  Extremely muscle pain all over.  Anxiety and panic attacks.  This are all related to the thyroid.  If you have a chance read the book "The Thyroid Solution"  by Dr. Ridah Arem.......best book I've ever read about Thyroid and all the aliments that go with it.  He is an endocrinologist from Texas.  If you go on Amazon.com you can also find the book.  This book opened my eyes to my thyroid, we really aren't "crazy"  like the doctors make you feel.  We have true aliments that we want answers too.  I am so sick of being sick and tired all the time.  The exhaustion, brain fog, memory loss, ADD, anxiety, muscle fatigue, muscle pain, muscle tremors, lower back pain, uncontrolled heat sensor, either overheating or extremely cold.  Unable to tolerate both too hot or too cold.  Weight problems since I was a child.  Dry eyes, brittle nails, loss of hair, dry mouth, so many symptoms.....but all to do with the thyroid...good luck with yours.  Hope you get a chance to read the book.  It will give you so many answers and foods to eat and not eat....vitamins and things that are good for you...Good luck and God Bless.....
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What is your daily dosage of levoxyl?  Also, please post your thyroid test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report so that members can assess the adequacy of your testing and treatment.
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