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Is it uncommon for Endo's NOT to do Bio Identical Hormones?

My DO (natural path) ran Estrogen labs on me and my labs came back of a 70 year old woman. I am 51. I asked my Endo Dr. Al-Kassab if he does Bio Identical Hormones and he does not and did not offer any other solutions. I just thought this was a bit strange because when my husband was dx'ed with Hasti's this past fall he was quick to check his testosterone levels and get them corrected. Don't Endo regulate ALL Endocrine Hormones? My DO offered me Bio Identical Hormones but I thought I might be in better hands with a Endo.. I'm I missing something here?

I know many of you go to Endo's and just wondered if this would be a normal practice of a Endo? )
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My Doc suggested Estrogen pessaries and I found them great...I am 50.
This was because I went through an early menopause when I was early 40's and my hormone levels showed non existant.
I used these pessaries for 2 weeks (one each night) ...no sexual activity for that time and they get into the bloodstream to give you back the Estrogen you need.
Maintainance dose is one pessary every 2-3 weeks after that.

I was also told I could buy synthetic estrogen at the Health Food shop but it worked out to be AU$190 for a months supply!

I found the pessaries work well. I cannot take the contraceptive pill or Hormone replacement due to history of heart disease in the family and also Cancer.

Maybe you should go to your OBGYN to get them if the Doc wont prescribe them.

As I said....I found them great.
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Thanks Deb! I'll check them out!
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Usually the OB's only look at certain aspects of estrogen and quick to prescribe synthetic BC for abnormal levels.

I fee you need to stick with the D O and run ALL the panels to see ALL your levels - then you can seek compound Rx's for options on how to treat the conditions.
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Thanks stella!
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