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Is my anxiety the last to leave???

Okay, so it has been since high school for me, untreated hypo/ and dealing with hashi's. My anxiety is soaring. I knew I had it bad lst year, I would alway forget to ask the doctors to check it. Mentally I am okay. I remember everything. Its the short term, the keys, phone, etc etc. I am a tough girl, took a lot of abuse from people. I am not going back. When I was first diagnosed I weighed 220 lbs, borderline high cholesterol, anxiety flying then. But its not even the hashi's its just from being normal. I think Ill be alright, I am going to start yoga and exercising. Any other ideas would be helpful.
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There is no definite time for symptoms to occur or disappear.  We just have to do the best we can to live a healthy, fufilling life.  

Reading books, has alway's been very helpful for me.  A book called The anxiety & phobia workbook, by Dr. Edmund Bourne, is very informative, and helped me understand anxiety, and how to deal with the challanges of anxiety.  

Reading & answering questions in the workbook, really helped me relax.  

Good luck to you !!  
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I also have Hashimoto's and I have been doing really well for about 2 years now. Diet and excersize are really great helpers. I also suffer from severe anxiety and panic. And am currently dealing with a bad bout. And to be honest ... once again excersize and diet seem to be of optimum benefit.

Most important of all I think is to occupy your mind when you feel yourself thinking about things that cause you stress, as well as getting to the root of why they cause you so much stress. This way you have the opportunity to eliminate the problem.

I am currently enrolled in a group therapy, as well as reading a book called "The Reflection Of The Moon On Water". This book is about chinese medicine, and how we can control the energy in our bodies with diet and moderate excersize. It is geared towrads woman in western cultures. I have found this book to be profoundly helpful.

Medication is always an option as well should you find that your situation is especially severe. But I try to avoid this if at all possible. I think generally if we are balanced then we are healthy. However I do mix western and chinese medicine, they are both wonderful and helpful.

Good Luck To You!!
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Love the workbook idea!! I am going to try this book too!
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A suggestion from a fellow Agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attack sufferer for 26 years who conquered it all.
Try the cd.....Mindfulness for Beginners by John Kabat Zimm and the relaxation techinique he practises.
It is buddism but I tried many things and this cd was my turning point.
I put it on my mpeg 3 player and went everywhere with it and as I said ...successfully conquered panic attacks and Agoraphobia for 26 years.
I no longer 'fear' fear and I faced my demons.
Good luck with it all as it is a debilitating condition BUT there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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Yoga works good for me.  It's exercise and it's also relaxing.  It really makes me aware of my muscles and my body in general.  Walking is also helpful because it takes my mind off things if I take the time to look around and enjoy the trees, birds, flowers, etc.  

I'm also reading a book - "If You Eat at the Refrigerator, Pull Up a Chair" by Geneen Roth.  It helps whether or not you are trying to lose weight as it makes you take a look at things in different way.  

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I still have terrible anxiety from hyperT even though I had a PT back in August to alleviate the problem.  The anxiety has never gone away, and now I'm on meds for it.  Don't be afraid to take medication if you need it; some of us just seem to have an imbalance in the brain that when whatever (hyperT or Hashi's) brings anxiety on, it just seems to stay.  Good luck with the Yoga; it will probably help a lot.  Let us know how you are doing.
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I also am suffering from anxiety and depression.  I'm finding it very hard to deal with.  For me it helps to do thing to keep my mind off what I'm feeling.  Just staying home is not good for me.  
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Yeah thanks guys. I am still very very knew to this. I was just diagnosed the last year.  I started suffering from the depression in high school. But I think i wlil be okay. I like reading and I definately need that exercise!
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ya exercise is great, I started walking the beach with my dog and its great!!! I feel so chilled and calm after it, apparently it helps it TSH to be released!!! I read that on the internet so don't quoat me on it!!!
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