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Is my left thyroid lobe normal?

My last us results are: the right thyroid lobe measures 5.9x 2.5x 2.0 cm. the left thyroid lobe measures 16.0 x2.4x 2.1the thyroid isthmus is normal. The thyroid parenchyma is heterogeneous in echogenicity. Multiple small nodules and cyst are present throughout the thyroid gland measuring up to .5cm in diameter. There is a 1 cm nodule superior to the left submandibular gland.
Is this report ok or shoud I worry I have a full feeling in my throat.
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Can any one help? I Be been trying to find out what wrong for 1 year! I have weight gain, very fatigue, hair loss, burning in mouth,  and extremely sore throat tha hurts from the outside also. All of my thyroid test are normal, tsh, t4, several ultra sounds, mri, and thyroid uptake scan. I just need another optionon my most recent ultra sound because my doctors are begging to think I'm crazy
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Please confirm the size of left lobe. Is it 16 or 6 cm??
Even if it is 6 cm you have a multinodular goiter with thyroid 3 times larger than average.
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It say 16 on the report but all of the doctors pcp and ent says that it is normal
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The average thyroid volume is 7.5 ml for adult female with upper limit of 18 ml. yours is over 18 ml
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So what does that mean I can't get anyone to help me. They all say everything is normal but I am in constant pain and have every hypo symptom in the book
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