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Is this a normal thyroid?

I have been having a pressure sensation in my neck the last few months. Also issues with not being able to burp normally. Could the thyroid be putting pressure on my esophagus? Does my thyroid look normal to you?

Here is an MRI scan of my thyroid: https://i.giphy.com/media/l378dNNVjrfsvlUJO/giphy.mp4
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I'm sorry, reading MRI is not my best virtue and we don't, currently, have anyone on the forum, qualified to do that.  Do you have a written report that you could post, so we can see what the radiologist said about your thyroid?  If you can post the report, we can, then, give our opinion...

Has your doctor told you your thyroid was swollen or that you have nodules on your thyroid?  If so, this could cause swallowing issues, though I've never heard of it preventing one from burping properly.
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No. I do not have a written report. Unfortunately I've been forced to do these tests on my own since the doctors think that I have "Irritable bowel syndrome". In any case, in the Barium swallow you can clearly see the gas-bubble that isn't able to move further because it is blocked: https://i.imgur.com/DqkqxCi.jpg
In my opinion, it can only be either the Thyroid or maybe also an artery which is blocking the esophagus. What do you think?
I'm sorry, as I noted, reading MRI's is not my forte'.  I can see something there, that appears like a bubble, but can't say it's blocking, since I don't exactly what I'm looking at.  I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.  

I've never known an imaging place to do a scan of any kind and provide the actual images, without a written report.  The places I've had scans done provide a written report free of charge and then charge extra for the actual images.  
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I’ve has pressure feeling in my neck area for years now. It’s very disturbing, uncomfortable and hard to live with. I hope you’re feeling better real soon.
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