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Is your synthroid or levothyroxine causing a cough?

Are you aware that the manufacturer of Synthroid and Lannet, a manufacturer of generic levothyroxine state that acacia is a filler and can cause an allergic reaction?  There is also lactose and many do not realize this. I have been coughing for 18 years after starting on this hormone and seen countless of doctors and all stated nothing to do with the medication..that I have allergies. Yet after insisting my doctor put me on the natural hormone I had to order from Texas since hard in Fl to get Armour...and after 2 weeks on it I have stopped a 18 year cough? Nothing else changed in my life except this.I called the manufacturer of Synthroid and Lannet and both said yes this can happen. Yet they do a very poor job at making doctors aware of this...as well as pharmacists. I could write a book on my ordeal and the personal and financial costs to this chronic cough. Have others expereinced the same and then gone onto natural form and seen the remarkable difference I have?
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I just took brand synthroid for 4 days and thought I was going to die! Cough, allergies, burning in my head, dizzy...you name it! Never again will I touch that stuff. Also..what I talc? When you read the ingredients you have to wonder what is going on..
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I would suggest to anyone allergic to the fillers in levothyroxine tablets (whether brand name or generic) trying Tirosint.  It's the same active ingredient as levo tablets, but is a gelcap no fillers, except water) and hyopallergenic.  Dessicated is a possible alternative also, but not everyone can or should try to tolerate the high T3 content in dessicated (depending on other health problems, general health, age, etc.).  Our members who have tried Tirosint seem to have good things to say about it.

Talc is a mineral...it's the main ingredient in talcum powder, but has a wide range of uses.
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