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It's not my thyroid but could it be my pituitary?

I had a MRI in March 09 which has shown lesions on my brain.  My Neurologist believes that I have MS but to be sure, I have to go back again in September 09 for another MRI to see if there are any new lesions and to discuss any further symptoms.  On the one hand, I'm relieved to finally have a diagnosis - I've been ill for about 4 years - but on the other hand, I still have symptoms which are not typical of MS.  

One of the major symptoms is the sudden, unexplained weight gain - my weight doubled in just over a year and then stayed like that regardless of the attempts I made to lose it.  I went on a standard calorie counting diet devised by myself and then decided I would probably benefit from the support structure of weight watchers and slimming world to no avail.  I've looked at my portion control and gently increased my activity levels but nothing helps.  I even tried the Cambridge Diet and in my 1st week, lost absolutely nothing which my diet counsellor told me "wasn't possible"!!!  I eventually lost the weight on the diet but immediately put the weight back on despite watching what I ate vigilently.  I have no desire to be a yo-yo dieter as I know it causes more harm than good but I really don't know what to do.  

Another problem with my eating is that I seem to have a bowel movement within an hour of eating.  I generally have very soft stools and watery diarrhoea or a mixture of the two.  Preceding my bowel movements, I often have abdominal pain and flatulence and I also seem to be suffering from urge incontinence for both my bladder and bowels (although I suspect this may be due to the MS).

I have developed excessively dry hair and skin and my nails have become very thin and brittle.  My hair growth on my head and body and really slowed down - I now don't need to shave my legs/underarms until at least day 6 after the last time and my hair has only grown approx 1cm in the last 6 months.  More recently I have developed purple stretch marks on my breasts even though my weight hasn't increased.  Most of the weight gain has been in my arms and upper body and I have severe fluid retention in my legs.  The veins in my chest have become more visible and I often find bruises and not know how I've got them - although this may be related to my B12 deficiency.  I do suffer depression but is anyone really surprised?

Another major symptom is the pain.  The best way to describe it is to imagine you've gone to the gym for the first time in years and you have an intensive and thorough work out.  Now imagine how you would feel the next day with all of your muscles (including those you didn't know you had!) hurting.  I feel like that every day and there's no let up.   And don't even get me started on the tiredness.  I sometimes sleep for 15-16 hrs a day and have been known to miss work completely!

My thyroid has been checked and it is definately not my thyroid but could it be my pituitary?  Would a general MRI of the brain show up a tumour in the pituitary or would I have to have another MRI specifically on the pituitary?  Are there any other causes of Cushings?  Any help would be gratefully received.

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Can I just mention that I too..was found to have a lesion on the right side of my brain in 1985.
But mine was due to suffering from petite mal adolescent epilepsy as a child/teenager which I grew out of after having meds from the age of 8-17 with my last fit being at age 12.
The Neurologist explained to me at the time that a seizure can cause a lesion and that a lesion is not always a tumour but ...scar tissue.

The excessive bruising would be from a Vitamin B deficiency usually.

When in doubt...eliminate each thing individually.
I hope you find an answer to your problems soon.
All the best.

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You sound like me! Except for having an MRI with MS diagnosed!
I think you will find you are either Celiac or at least gluten intolerant. It also sounds like you could be anemic. I am gluten intolerant. I noticed all the symptoms you mention. I gave up wheat totally and only ever have minor bouts when I don't know there is wheat in something.
I had severe B12 deficiency even when taking a supplement. (Malabsorption syndrome due to the gluten intolerance) So started drinking soy milk. My B12 has gone up dramatically. But that does not stop me being bruised easily. That is due  to anemia and being a white Irish descent woman with easily broken capilleries.
   You may well have hypothyroidism by the other symptoms you mentioned. Cushings is a possibility. What are your thyroid tests showing and the reference ranges. Often doctors say normal but they are not.
Yes the MRI may have seen the pituitary but you may need another specifically aimed at that to get a better  look.
  Try eliminating ALL wheat products from your diet. This can also include things as diverse as ice cream Read every label and if you see gluten or wheat flour as an ingredient DON"T eat it. Do this for two weeks and keep a journal of your body and how it feels. Then after 2 weeks eat it again and I am sure you will be surprised!
Good luck!
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THE BRUSING CULD BE itp, i think that's how it spelled, or ittp.  i would get brusing and wonder where it came from.  if you have low platlets count and an elvated liver count.  A simple blood test can revel anibodies.  
go see an hematologist and
also ask to check your slpeen for any enlargment.
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