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Joint Pain

I have been on thyroid medication for 22 years.  In the last 3 - 4 years I have experienced pain in my toes, heels, ankles, and hands.  At first my General Practitioner and Pediatrist thought I broke my toe.  For a year I saw an Orthopedic that treated me for what he thought was scar tissue in my foot.  I also saw a Physical Therapist during that year to help me recover from this broken toe....that really was not a broken toe.  I then went to a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with Psoriatic Arthitis.  For the past year I have been taking medication for this with no significant improvements.  It has actually gotten much worse in the last 3 months since the birth of my son.  My TSH levels are tested at least every year and consistantly come out normal.  I currently take 200 mcg a day of levothyroxine.  Could my joint pain be a result of my hyperthyroidism?  
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I'm not sure but before I was diagnosised hypothyroid every joint and muscle in my body hurt.
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Have you ever taken Armour Thyroid medication?
I too have been have extreme pain in my hands after being on Synthroid for 20 plus years. After discussing with various doctors including Endro Dr, it was my OB/GYN that not only suggested Armour thyroid, but also prescribed. Week two and feeling better.  
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I also diagnose Hypothyroid /Hashi in May 2006 since then i am taking Levoxyl . I did have joint /muscles pain in the begining  , however since laast 2 months my joint pain is lot specailly in my toes/heels , ankles and hands which is similar to what you describe . I am going to see rheumatologist. I am wondering ,is it common to see in Hypothyroid this kind of pain.
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That sounds exactly like what I am experiencing.
Through research on the internet, my husband found some interesting information regarding synthetic thyroid replacement (Synthroid, Levoxyl, ...)  It seems that for some people the synthetic replacement does not work well and the original symptoms of hypothyroidism linger even though the TSH levels seem to be normal.  When this happens the doctors tend to tell their patients that it must not be the thyroid, it is something else....go see that specialist.  However, when these patients switch to a natural thyroid replacement the symptoms and joint pain go away.  I have chosen to try Armour Thyroid...a natural thyroid replacement.  I have only taken one dose so I can't really say if it has had any effect or not.  Good luck!
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Well it is really to have our doctor believe us . My doctor told me it is not thyroid and make me run all around but at the end i still don't have an answer.
It seems like once you get Hashi/Hypo you have to live with all kinds of residual symptoms , i am tired and it seems like it is now dream to feel same way as before.
If you have any improvement  with Armor please do let me know, based on my research i am not really a good fan of Armor.
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What about Armour don't you like?  I am new to it and could use any information you have.  Thanks!
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