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Joint and muscle pain

Hi, I was diagnosed with *mild hypothyroid* about 17 yrs. ago.  I was given Synthroid and Levoxothyrine, usually in the same dose, sometimes adjusted.  I am now 52 (53 next month) and I am wondering if it is really controlled.  I have been to endos and family doctors for it and I always just trusted if they said the levels were *normal.*  Usually, however, my levels are near the top of the *normal* reading.

Over the years I have had some aches and pains, but in the past 3 years it has gotten to where it is very painful.  I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, but none of the typical drugs for that are helping me.  I am in pain every day and I also have a lot of swelling, which no doctor, not even the rheumatologist, can seem to tell me why.  I tested negative for RA, Lupus and Lyme.

My question is:  Could this all be from the hypothyroidism?  Should I find another endo?  I have also put on SO MUCH weight over these 17 yrs., about 40 lbs, which I cannot lose despite working out, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, etc.  I only eat about 1,000 cal a day-healthy food.

Thank you for listening.
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I agree with Gimel. If you could post your labs - that may help. There seems to be such a wide range of "normal" posted daily that no one really can tell anything without the labs posted.
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Some of the symptoms you mention can definitely by related to hypothyroidism.  Why don't you post the actual numbers from the blood tests that have been done for you and get comments from forum members.
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