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Just Has TT 8/23/12 and it was easy peasy

I has a TT yesteday with Dr. Thompson in Ks. I was so scared before hand. I had been having horrible neck pain,and all the symptoms of hypo. After seeing a spine specialist, a neurologist, massage, accupunture etc they found some nodules on both sides of my roids. One was over 4cm, So they decided out is should come.

I am 40 years old, woman and two years ago I suffered a series of heart attacks due to expose to toxic mold in a ranch we had bought. As a result I have a stent in my cx. Luckily there is no heart tissue damage. I should also add that I am allergic to all pain meds but morpine and diladud.

Let me tell you about my experice w/the TT. I was frightened about the calcium. My Dr put me on tums and i have not had a problem.

The drain is really just a pique line. It was so small. You couldnt feel it come out, since I ripped mine out in a drug hazed sleep. I have no pain today at all. None. My neck is tight where the stiches are,

The best thing is that I physical feel great and that is w/o any pain meds less than 24 hours after surgery.My neck is actually normally shaped now. The difference is amazing.This surgery is so easy.

My suggestion is that if your Dr doesnt tell you to take the tums I would take them for the first three weeks, because according to him, if you dont and you bottom out you will be in the hospital for weeks because it is so hard to regulate.

Bottom line- well worth the surgery anxiety. I can feel my body getting stronger. They kept upping my meds because I was getting up, feeling great talking to all the nurses.

I just thought I would tell how well my surgery went and the importance of a good surgeon. Along with a good staff. I am now home trying to rest but I cannot because I feel so good, simply removing that toxic gland. So glad I did!
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All my tests came back within the normal range, yet i had every symptom that was out there along with my neck swollen.I really vascilated over having the surgery but i would do it again.

Today is day 2 and my throat is so sore today-especially swallowing, i have to use a straw. I wish I wasnt allergic to pain killers, but hopefully a tylenol will work for me.

I think the one thing that most need to know is keep an ice pack on the incision and keep hydrated. I made sure I drank 96 oz of water the 3 days leading up to the surgery. Which had the affect of having to constantly having to get up to use the restroom, which made me worry less about blood clots.
How far out are you from your surgery and has the replacements helped?
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Agree.  you now have a fresh start and a clean slate.   My docs told me that half my thyroid was functioning but didnt even know if it was functioning right.  They said it was good vs evil....
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I guess I left out the synthroid they are giving me. I am beyond pleased that the endo doesnt like to chance on the calcium or the hormone balancing. I think my hormones have been so out of whack that now anything is better than what it was.
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Glad you did well.  I had one done 3 months ago.  Be very mindful of your hormones.  Make sure you try to get on some asap.  I went 31 days and felt great and then my body ran out of what it had stored up and i felt like i was on a merry go round.  Try to get on something whether its t3, t4, or t3/t4 combo soon.   It takes a while for the thyroid to settle in your system so try to avoid crashing.  I cant exactly agree with not taking anything for three weeks.  You are going to be in for a rude awakening on week 4.  

good luck
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