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Just a bit of a vent.

Hi all...I haven't posted much of my own stuff lately. I have been answering others though. Today though I just want to have a little hissy fit and a stomp around the room and yell at the cat.
Feeling cruddy anyways with some viral bug flu thingy. Nose never stops running, feeling bloody cold(it is winter here in the land of Oz!) headachey, Oh you know what I mean. Plus my lip is still sore and split from Monday's excitement at the dentist for over 4 hours!  Plus I have an abscess on my gum...grrrrrrr....
  Anyways, that isn't my vent. My vent is, my sister was diagnosed with Graves disease. It's not like I haven't been trying to tell her for over a year that she has it. She was on beta blockers a few weeks ago but still drank her usual Jack Daniels till she passed out. Madness! NOW, my bleeping family have all gone "Oh poor girl! Oh how will you cope? My goodness let's all drop everything and help you out!"  
Now I am sure it is not nice for her right now, and I do understand it would be difficult for her....BUT! When I had my 15 years of living poo and was always begging for help with 3 small children who needed serious medical care and no husband (he ran off with the other woman!), trying to prove to doctors I was sick,  then when I had the two surgeries on my thyroid and nearly died in the surgeries (heart stopped 3 times apparently...I never noticed any thing...LOL!), when I was in a living high tide and drowning from being so hypo after the surgery...where were they? NO where to be found!
  My sisters facebook is running over with love and good wishes....me I put up I am sick as a dog and on my own...I get only one person responding saying..."Well, if it's any consolation, I am sick too."......Oh gee yes that makes me feel much better!
  Anyways....just feeling put out and grumpy.....that is all for today!
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I know where you are coming from truly.
When I had a heart attack in 1994, it was my next door neighbour who rang Geelong Intensive Care Unit and not one of my family showed and I was in there for 10 days!
Then when I had the first shoulder reconstruction in 2002 and had my arm strapped to my body for 8 weeks, with a scar running over my shoulder 6 inches long...it was a neighbour I had to ask to open a can for me as I couldnt hold a can opener with the use of only one hand. The same when I had the operation again 12 months later for the utter total stuffup that the Orthopedic Surgeon did prior.
Then when I was dx Graves (I have a sister who has Graves too) and not once did any of the family say...Are you ok?.
I learnt a long time agao (many years ago in fact) that I craved one thing in my life and that was love and acceptance from my family.
I strived for years with a lot of tears for it.
Then I woke up one day and said...No more!
My kids are my precious diamonds and always have been but it has also been hard on them with the suicide of their Father....so I tend not to burden them with much.
I then figured out WHY I was the black sheep of the family.
basically because I have a mouth lol !
I say it as i see it, dont bullsh@t and dont talk behind others backs, I say whatever I have to say to the persons face.
Anyway , I wont change and be too-faced for anyone...not even my family.
And I am happier now than Ive ever been knowing that despite the outcome...I tried.

Try not to take it too hard....your family will fuss over yr sis but they'll soon get sick of hearing the whinges lol.
Hold your head high and be proud of who you are.

Is she???? lol
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Yeah, thanks Deb. I know exactly what you are saying and normally I just let it go.  Just recently my Mum was getting annoyed at me for not liking Aussie Rules...I said, "Just coz I don't like the footy doesn't mean I am a bad person." She said, "Oh, what the heck is the matter with you?  How could you NOT like footy?" I said to her, "I always take an interest in what you like Mum, and don't tell you to turn off the game. But do you know what I really like? What my interests are? What makes me happy?" She blinked a few times, muttered and said,"Oh...ummmm.....you like....lots of things! Ummm.......your dog! Ummmmm...." I said, "Say no more, Here endeth the lesson." and I left!
  Unfortunately my family don't get me at all. I am scientific and technologically minded. I don't do the girly emotional stuff. I don't watch any tv either...(so of course I am weird!) I am too busy living life to sit and watch some boring meaningless soapie! So naturally they think I am odd and try to avoid me....since I don't fit in they don't try to fit in my life....and it hurts sometimes.
  I have no friends where I live. My Asperger friend has chased them all off! Another long story!
  I AM a survivor...been through horrendous childhood abuse, have a deformity (which no one normally notices) and was teased horrendously at school.  I have had 11 surgeries for various serious things and they never helped me then either. Once when I got pregnant to my boyfriend ( years after hubby had left me) and the baby was stuck half in-half out of the fallopian tube and had died, they accused me of having an abortion. I had to go back a second time as I hemorrhaged after it....so that was not nice at all.
   My family won't get sick of her wingeing...it makes them feel important to drop everything and run.
My ultimate revenge is success! They get so jealous when I go to USA...I tell them they could go too...no big deal...then they go on about how hard it is, rah, rah , rah....I am on disability pension and I managed to save up and do it....As I always say...some people like to feel bad coz it feels so good to feel so bad. My attitude is 'Be a Nike ad...and Just Do It!"
   Hmm I seem to feel a bit better now.....guess I am feeling miserable coz my man has yet again, not bothered to contact me after he went to Greece for his windsurfing jaunt and I am busting a gut to show him my new teeth....and I need a hug, coz I am sick......
Bah humbug...think I will have a glass of wine!
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Can I join this party?  I've been through lots of the same things over different circumstances and am sort of considered the "black sheep" in MY family too.  

I have numerous family members who have had illnesses over the years and if needed, I have ALWAYS been willing to be there with them (I live 1800 miles away), but when *I* get sick, I sure don't see any of THEM beating down my door to help out.  They don't even come for a visit when things are well, but I'm expected to buy that airline ticket and make sure *I* attend every graduation, wedding, anniversary, etc...........  

If I weren't already at work for the day, I might join you in that glass of wine....  
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Isn't it amazing how we as thyroid sufferers have to put up with so much else! I think we need a big neon flashing light giving people the information they need as we go about our daily business. It could say.....WARNING! Hypo, hypo, hypo extreme tiredness...even though I am walking about I am in need of help! ....Or....ALERT! ALERT! totally unable to cope with any thing said to me in anything other than a whisper.please do not ask me for anything as my anxiety levels make a serial killer look good.......Hee hee......
  I'll have a glass for you instead!
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Maria, that just totally ***** BIG time. (((HUGS))) Sandra
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When it all boils down to everything...THEY are the losers, not you.
They are the ones who will wonder what happened to 'those' years and we can sit there and blatently say to our family...'St@ff You! lol ;)
Have a glass for me too Maria....and kick the boyfiends butt when he calls (hehehe)
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