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Just a thought...

Now I am well aware of everyones opinon on NOT CURING Hashimotos or thyroid problems...I was wondering though, most pple have done some sort of research on this subject if they have been diagnosed with it. So here is my question (again please avoid the obvious expected response of THERE IS NO CURE)

If you were going to try to find a cure....where would you start? Where do you think there could be a connection?
Just open thoughts......
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I HAVE been researching!  ALOT!  I am determined to find out the who/what and why of the failing immune system, for it is so important to health.  There seems to be so many people suffering from similar symptoms.  Many going undiagnosed, but still having similar complaints. I want to know WHY??!!  (Chemtrails?  GMOs?  Just really bad doctors that don't know how to support the immune system even tho it is under attack?  But are so quick to dispense synthetic drugs?)

Especially in younger victims where there is NO family history or genes for many of the diseases of auto-immune disorders.  

I am starting with "where did it first begin and why?"  Is it a mutant virus?  A surgical implant of some type? Past vaccinations?  Medicines? Lack of ______?  Environmental?

With me I have no EBV or other virus like many as I have read on medical forums such as this -  although as a child I had viral meningitis.  
Surgical implant?  Possibly the collagen used in a lip augmentation I had, and an implant my daughter has as well?  

Vaccinations?  How to begin there?  Medicines?  Possible.  Lack of  {iodine}?  Environmental  would be difficult (- I have mercury fillings but my daughter does not.  Killed that theory).  Once the offending thyroid is removed, is the PROOF as well?  Just a thought.

But my investigation began as a way to help my daughter with her issues of Hashis, hypo, gluten intol and pcos.  My journey with chronic lymphocytic thyroiditis has just begun (goiter discovered in 2005 and nothing has been done by doctors.  Although they sure have been pushing surgery like crazy.  I wonder...)

I become obnoxious to many.  I don't mean to.  Just trying to find a way.  What I must do is control my unhappiness toward my own doctors for their incompetence?  For I am finding something could have / should have been done for me in 2005.  I didn't know until reading medical forums.  But I was overlooked or just plain ignored.  
  I am going back to that group of endos soon.  And I will be heard this time.  

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A thought on this...Prior to being diagnosed with Hashi's, I'd gone through a chemotherapy-like treatment that was designed to ramp up my immune system while suppressing the virus I was fighting. It did work, but my immune system has not completely calmed down since (almost 3 yrs ago.) I'm certain it is what triggered the Hashi's as I'd never had any thyroid related issues beforehand...I now have allergies to things that I did not before (bees especially) and seem to be sensitive to gluten (I feel better and do not have joint swelling and pain when on a gluten-free diet.) So, some food for thought...It seems that calming the immuno-antagonists would also decrease the antibodies attacking the thyroid...Input?~MM
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Us human beings have many antibodies just waiting for some triggered response to escalate in numbers. Finding out what does this to all the different antibodies would stop the start of many diseases, not just thyroid. And then pharmaceutical companies would not have life long 'customers', so why would they want to sponsor any research on this?

As far non - autoimmune (non-antibody) thyroid disorder, it has many causes simply since the thyroid is one on the weakest glands.
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I'd start right at the immune system.
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I have to agree that the answer will be in SELECTIVELY controlling the immune system.  At the moment, we can ramp it up as a whole, as was the case in medicmommy's treatment, or supress it completely (e.g. to reduce the rejection of transplanted organs).  Obviously, suppressing it completely is a fair trade-off after transplant surgery, but not so appealing in dealing with a disease that can be treated by taking a pill every day.

There is research going on at MIT (I believe, maybe Harvard) to develop a "cure" for autoimmune diabetes.  The study plans to go on to other autoimmune diseases once diabetes is taken care of.  I can't remember the whole list at the moment, but MS and Lupus were both on it...neither Hashi's nor Graves' even made it onto the list!

I agree with LazyMoose.  A lot of R&D used to come out of the pharmaceutical companies.  They came to the conclusion a while back that treating people with meds that they'd be on for the rest of their lives was a lot more lucrative than curing them.  All that's left of Big Pharma's R&D in most cases is the government tax incentives they are given to maintain their "R&D".
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Awww....intersting thoughts. I am seeing BIG RED FLAGS with pharmaceutical....and BIG RED FLAGS...for the immune system. I have read of research in which people who have avoided allergens (such as gluten, dairy, any such environmental allergens) have supposedly seen fantastic results of reversing autoimmune in some cases. Well, that certainly wouldn't go over with our wonderful pharmaceutical companies now would it? haha......I mean why try eating according to your own bodies, when you can pay for a pill to help them pay for their condo! (: I personally, dont care what anyone says....docs, or whoever...I believe there is a connection possibly to inflammation/allergens/and environmental sensitivities in the individual. If they don't want to help me, then I'll help myself. Does anyone know how long it takes to be on thyroid medication before it actually will permanently damage the thyroid itself?
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