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Just diagnosed hypo, new Rx-Swollen thyroid

     After Decades (I'm 55) I was finally, and gratefully, given a diagnosis through hospital testing. Feet & "cankles" still swollen, red & sore. All of the swelling that had already presented numerous times (which I ignored & suffered through) is still going on, as expected since I've only taken 3 days Rx's. I'm wondering if it is normal to develop swollen gland in my upper neck, just below the right side of my jaw? Tender to the touch & definitely swollen. This is my first post, as I was diagnosed three days ago. Worked for Dr's most of my life, but not ever in endocrinology - guess that is obvious! :)
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I had a swollen lymph node in my neck from Hashimoto's thyroiditis.  I also had serious fluid retention too notably my abdomen, face and double chin. When you get sorted out with treatment you'll be happy to say goodbye to those symptoms. :)
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