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Just had RAI treatment

I had a 25mci RAI treatment ten days ago. I recently started experiencing a sore throat and tenderness on both sides of my thyroid. I called my endo's office and was told to take ibruprofen for a few days and it should subside.

It's driving me crazy because it hurts to turn my neck at times and it's a little hard to swallow.

Please...........any ideas or suggestions?

Thank you.


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I think this is normal after RAI.  My RAI was 12/08 and my neck still gets achey from time to time.
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Water, Water, Water....
Drink heaps of water until you feel like a goldfish to flush it out.
It is the RAI doing what its supposed to do ....and sometimes after RAI, the throat and thyroid will become inflammed.
Sometimes the thyroid tries to 'fire up' one last time before it stops functioning but also sometimes , you can go a fraction Hyper from the RAI so to be on the safe side, get your levels done, take a beta blocker if any hyper symptoms and go back to your Doc.
Basically just for reassurance that all is well.

You may need a week of anti-thyroid meds until the inflammation subsides.
Often just salt water will do the trick but if in any doubt...go back to your Doc.

Dont worry...the worst is nearly over.
Keep us informed as to anything else that occurs....other than that, you are doing great and the sore throat and soreness is usually a side effect of RAI.

Debs (RAI june 2008- Graves & Hyperthyroidism)
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