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Kidney stones and hashimotos disease and or hypothyroidism?

I posted about a month ago asking about hashimotos disease. I still don't know if that is my diagnosis or not. Last time my tpo antibodies were checked they were greater than 600. My free t4 was 1.6 and tsh 20. 2 months before that free t4 was 6.8 and tsh 16. On 125mcg eltroxin daily. Last weekend I was rushed into a&e with renal colic and drs suspect kidney stones although through xray they were unable to see any. Kidney function is very good and there was blood in my urine. I am to get a CT scan in a months time and have been given medication to help any other stones 'pass'.My gp is getting my calcium levels checked to rule out any parathyroid issues. Does anyone know if there is a connection between autoimmne thyroid disease and kidney stones? I am really asking to receive assurance. Please don't scare me with scary stories!! Hope someone can help. Thanks. Ali. :)
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I should add that I also have vitiligo that I've had on my left upper thigh since I was born.  It has started to grow again recently. Being an autoimmune disease also it surely is connected?
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I have never heard anyone report kidney stones as the result of Hashi's.  Certainly, since being hypo slows down the metabolism, there are all kinds of digestive and metabolic problems that can result, but kidney stones are not high on that list.

Once we have one autoimmune, we are more like to get another than the general population is to get their first.  So, yes, there is a connection.  However, that connection is not necessarily cause and effect.  We just may be genetically more susceptible to autoimmune disaese.
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I had kidney stones ONCE almost 25yrs ago, before every having thyroid issues.

I have not had any since..I don't believe they are related.

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Thanks for replying. I only know of parathyroid issues being related to kidney stones. Thats why my gp is checking my calcium levels. I also have a vitamin d deficiency. I really want to find an answer soon...
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If you are getting them frequently you surely need to find out why....

One of my good friends gets them constantly. They can't tell her why but I know they are painful.
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It just seems like such a coincidence that right in the middle of being investigated for hashimotos I get suspected kidney stones! Never had pain like it...feel so sorry for your friend totie! Hope I don't get anymore!
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Hi - Yes there may be a link.  There are a handful of reports of Hashimoto's being associated with an unusual kidney condition called Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis (dRTA).  dRTA is often associated with kidney stones - calcium phosphate variety.  So there's a possible link - but it could be coincidence.  

Ask your doctor to refer you to a kidney specialist to check you out of dRTA - requires simple blood and urine tests.  Worth pursuing - dRTA also causes low potassium levels which can be debilitating but also mistaken for thyroid disease.  Hope this helps.  SW - Kidney Consultant Physician, UK.
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