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Knee Pain

Ok, This is gonna seem weird. First I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2009. I am on 112mcg T4 and 25 mcg T3. I am due for my 6month blood test soon.I am doing better now but I have had this annoying problem with my knees since my initial diagnosis. When first diagnosed I could not walk up a flight of stairs due to the intense general knee pain. Now it comes back intermittently for a day or two then it subsides but does not fully go away. I have also felt like I cannot stretch my tendons in my legs enough even after warming them up and stretching for 30 min.  I am 55 and have done many bad things to my knees over the years but nothing like this has happened before. It's as if the tendons and muscles around my knees have lost all strength. It does not happen anywhere else. I also take Vit D however not as faithfully as my thyroid meds. Any ideas? Yes, I broke both knees in the past but this pain is different.
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i HAVE fatigue, needing a nap after exercise, swelling of my face, dry skin & constipation. The nurse called me and said my endo wants me to skip a dose of synthroid once a week because my TSH is too low.
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Me too sometimes, ***** getting older and having thyroid issues huh :-) Just in a matter of two years, very slowly, I have lost so much of my fitness. I am starting to realize that my knees are the barometer for how my FT4 / FT3 levels. It's getting to the point where I may have to give up my Firefighting  profession. But I guess it could be worse..
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Joint/muscle pain can be signs that thyroid hormone levels are not adjusted properly; however, it's not unusual for arthritis to settle into joints that have been broken, so if you've broken them both at one time or another, this could be what's happening and it could be unrelated to thyroid issues.

Do you have recent thyroid labs that you could post?  Please be sure to include the reference ranges, as these vary from lab to lab and must come from your own report.  This would help members assess you situation and comment more fully.

coimbraangela --- TSH is inadequate used as a diagnostic/treatment tool, alone.  Does your doctor test for the Free T3 and Free T4 levels as well?  
Your symptoms all suggest that you are hypothyroid, not hyper.  My TSH routinely run at < 0.01, but we don't go by that; we look only at Free T3 and Free T4 because those of us on thyroid medication, often have suppressed TSH.

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Thanks Barb,

I'll post new results ASAP. The point is. There are days when my knees are pain free ( little pain from initial injuries, osteoarthritis) and  then there are days when the tendons around my knees become very tender to the touch and I loose the ability to walk with confidence, unsteady. Some times it affects one knee and not the other. Does normal arthritis behave this way? RA has been ruled out.
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Yes i have had random intense knee pain myself.  Finally figured out the other day it was due to magnesium deficiency due to a severe muscle spasm.  How much vitamin D are you taking? High doses of vitamin D deplete magnesium levels.
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Hi Red,

I am going to Doc in a few minutes. I have not bed very faithful to taking my Vit D. I'll get a blood workup done and see where my mag is at  along with the rest I have to have done.
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