Hi-Coul you please shed some light on my lab tests?  I am a 50 old female with a 17 yr old daughter.  Have suffered from depression and anxiety in the past.  Prozac and Wellbutrin have worked in the past.  As my depression has recurred - drugs aren't helping much.  Anxiety very high, shaky hands, cold, cold, cold, tired, lethargic. Experiencing panic attacks which I use to have in my 20's.  Also have restless leg syndrome. Tests for menopause come out normal but very low normal.Many of my old blood test from the past show low rates of MCV in my blood.  These are my recent thyroid results done by my therapist.  

T3 Uptake       34.3
Thyroxine (T4)   5.1
FTI                   4.4
TSH                1.68
Free T4             0.61

She is concerned about the FTI.  I also have had tests in the past where over the years my MCV is elevated.

Hormone Test

LH      21.5
FSH    24.9
Progesterone    0.9
Estradiol (E2, Rapid)  Less  than 32
Testosterone    35
Free Testosterone  Less that 0.5

I will call my primary care doctor but am wondering if you have any idea as to what's up?

Thanks for your time
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your thyroxine and free T4 are on the low side of normal, however your TSh seems to indicate you are getting enough thyroid hormone. I do not know about the other hormones. If your hormone levels appear normal I would look at your adrenals.
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Restless Legs can be caused by a low iron level.

Have your ferritin checked. It is a better indicator of your iron status than a serum iron.

Pernicious Anemia can cause a high MCV (mean corpuscular volume)- large red blood cells.

Have you had b12 testing?
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