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LANE -haschimotos switch to naturethroid

I have haschimotos. Have taken synthroid and cytomel for 9 years with no problems. Until recently, gained weight and losing hair . My doctor took my dose from 75 to 88 to 100 and 15 of cytomel. I asked to switch to naturethroid due to so much hair loss and sudden weight gains Doctor put my on 2 grains. I’ve been on it for 3 days. Any idea why i have no energy and headaches? I really want to switch back. I’m an educator and need energy for my kids at school. Should I give the naturehtroid more time since it has only been three days?
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There is much to discuss but first please post your latest thyroid related test results and their reference ranges shown on the lab report.    Also tell us what dose you were on at the time.  If tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin please post those also.  
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