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Lab Results~still Hyper?

My TSH has been extremely low over the last several months. In October it was .003 ( on 200 mcg) , December it was .035 ( on 175), and just last week my TSH came back  @ .065 , my Ft4 was 1.73( 0.7 - 1.8) Ft3  3.1 ( 1.4-4.2) . I'm currently on 165 mcg ( 125 for 5days & 250 2days).

The labs were not taken by my endo but my doc will be sharing them with her. I'm wondering what you all think of these results and whether anyone has an opinion if I need yet another reduction in meds? I'm feeling good at this level and My opinion is to stay at this dose and recheck  next month.

I had a TT in 12/2006 ~
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your ft4 is in upper mid range  your ft3 could be a little higher i would guess. but the thing is that you feel good and thats what matters the most. i have learned here that tsh doesn t really count as much as the frees being both in upper mid range.  keep feeling good!
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If you feel good, thats what matters. Thats a low tsh for some, would keep me awake at night.

It looks like you are on a t4 only med like synthroid or levothyroxine? - thus a low tsh and high t4 but mid t3.

If you ever thought the need to still feel better I would say add some cytomel t3 to the mix and lower T4. IF your only on t4 med now. If you truly feel great dont bother with changing / adding  meds.
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