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Lab results?

I finally got my more detailed thyroid tests back (originally only the total T4/T3 tests were done) but not quite sure what they say. I'm not on any thyroid meds. I think these look okay which would mean the problems I'm having are adrenal related based on the saliva tests that I'd posted earlier. Thanks for the help!

TSH 1.72 (.45 – 4.5)
fT4 1.41 (.82 – 1.77)
fT3 3.8 (2 – 4.4)
Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) Ab 12 (0-34)
Antithyroglobulin Ab <20 (0 – 40)

I also had an 8am cortisol/acth test done on 10/30/09
ACTH, Plasma 12 (6 - 48)
Cortisol 15.4 (4.3 - 22.4)

And these are my salivary results from 10/5/09
8am 17 (2.5 - 60)
noon 22 (<1 - 33)
4pm 7 (1 - 20)
midnight 12 (<1 - 9)

I know the TSH test isn't a great test to look at but I'm curious if it's normal for the #'s to increase over a months time.  I have 3 tests done so far with these results...
9/17/09 .992
10/16/09 1.4
10/30/09 1.72

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Your thyroid labs are great. And your cortisol levels are good too......all within range except for the midnight one, which could be showing low blood sugar during the night. Something is stressing your body during the night, which can be like I said above....low blood sugar.
If your adrenals were weak, it would have showed during your other times. Make sure you are taking enough Complex B's, Vit C, and perhaps an adrenal adaptogen. I take an adaptogen so that it regulates and supports your adrenals when you are underactive or overactive.
Try have a protein snack before bed to hold your glucose levels through the night. Might be worth checking your glucose levels as well.
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Your thyroid numbers look really excellent.  We're all jealous.  TSH varies with any number of factors including the time of day the blood was drawn.  I wouldn't worry about the variation at all.
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