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Labs and Tirosint questions:

Hey all,

Please offer any insight that you may be able to.

Here's the backstory.  TT 11/14, RAI 1/15.   Started on Levoxyl 150, then Tiro, Naturethroid for a long stint and then after feeling skinny yet too hyper, decided to return to Levoxyl 125 and 5 Cytomel 1/16.  
I've been wanting to see if I can convert T3 alone so I dropped the Cytomel mid-February and raised my Tiro to 137 early March.  End of March they raised it to 150 and I've been inquiring with friends when they noticed a drop in my energy.  Ironically,  Early March is when they said they really saw it.  I recall being on Tirosint this time last year and feeling a bit devoid of emotion, too.   My question,  has anyone else experienced this on Tirosint?  I just feel like t's placed a block on me.  I only switched because I was feeling too hypo on the 125 Levoxyl but I think it was just too low, and also because I'm guessing that I am not a good converter.
It'll be 6 weeks next week on this dose and I'm going to yet another specialist for labs.  My current doc wants to raise the T4 dose but after trying, I found more muscle aches.  I'm just tired of being tired and feeling so lethargic.
So, thinking that maybe adding in the Cytomel is inevitable as the only time I feel better is when I take it and going back on Levoxyl.

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In order to best try and answer your questions we need more info.  Please post your thyroid related test results and reference ranges shown on the lab report.  Also, if tested for Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin, please post those also.  Please tell us about symptoms you have.  
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