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Large Thyroid Nodule

I have a multi nodular goiter and have been part of a great cancer centers thyroid clinic for over three years. One nodule was biopsied several years ago but has actually decreased in size tremendously over the three years.  I have had several nodules rated a Tirads 2, approx. 1.2 cm in size that did not warrant biopsy.

For my recent follow up I was pretty surprised that out of approximately seven nodules (most sub centimeter),  three of them had sizes from 2.5 cm,  and one was at 5 cm.  I have had some possible effects like neck and shoulder pain, ear pain (could be from this or not),  some weird feelings swallowing and a tiny struggle in swallowing with large vitamin pills and a general tightness across my front neck/throat area.

I see the Dr. next week but I the ultrasound report is definitely "relaxed" in the way it was written - indicated non worrisome nodules, all either spongiform or cystic with one concentration of coarse macrocalcifications. No tirads ratings which is good and I am assuming no biopsies will be recommended.

So, my question is,  do they ever need to remove the large growths and at what point - only compression showing on ultrasound?  

Hoping with the iodine protocol these can shrink but I was really appreciate hearing from anyone with similar experiences.

Thank you!
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Don't believe nodules are removed.  Believe parts of the thyroid gland is removed surgically.  
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