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Large goiter and nodules, 27yo female

Hi there,

Iam 27 years old, I have a 4 month old baby and i found a lump in my thyroid about 4 weeks ago.  I have had an ultrasound done and am waiting to get in the see the Endocrinologist next month for a FNA.  I am quite overweight but i have also lost 20kgs since the birth of my baby without trying.

The repost from the ultrasound reads as follows
*Thyroid gland is enlarged. There are multiple hypoechoic nodules in both lobes and isthmus of the thyroid. The largest lesion is a cystic mass that measures 48 x 35 x 30mm which has internal septations and peripheral vascularity. No definite solid component within the nodule. The larges nodule in the right lobe is 3mm and in the isthmus is 5mm. There is normal vascularity within the thyroid parenchyma*

I am very confused and unsure what all this means.  I know that the chances of thyroid cancer are slim, but does the internal septations and peripheral vascularity increase my chances?

There is alos another report on the US dvd i recieved that contradicts this one that says that the goiter seems to be solid.

Thank you for your time.
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No internal vascularity is a good sign. This looks like inflammmatory process rather then neoplastic process, however the cyst may need more investigation. Septation mean it has many compartments fused together. This may make PEI treatment not very effective.
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i thought i would also add that all TFT cvame back within normal ranges.
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