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Large thyroid tumor encapsulated cancer

I had surgery to removed a compressive goiter with large nodule Path report found encapsulated thyroid cancer and it was very big what do I do next
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Hi marika4882,

I just wanted to say that I agree with Barb135, if the pathology report says the nodule was encapsulated that is usually a sign that it hasn't spread anywhere else in the body and you are most likely now thyroid cancer free.

Since the pathology report says it was cancer, your doctors may still want to do some tests just to verify it hasn't spread.  I believe this is probably the normal treatment, even when they are absolutely sure it hasn't spread.   I had three small nodules (about 1 cm each) that were cancerous but also encapsulated, and my endocrinologist has been monitoring my thyroglobulin levels and has done ultrasounds on my neck to make sure nothing weird is going on there.  (Normally with three cancerous nodules he would do radioactive iodine treatment, but since there was no evidence of spread we decided just to monitor).  Nothing on my pathology suggests that the cancer spread outside the thyroid, but they still monitor me to make sure all is ok.

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon!  
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Thank you for the well wishes I did go to my follow up and because it was a 6cm mass and it had a little capsule invasion they are saying I need radioactive iodine treatment because I'm at an intermediate risk. I had a negative FNA with my last pregnancy in 2016 and now they say it was a false negative and it was growing this whole time. Lucky it is slow growing but it did double in size during that time to 6cm the surgeon said it was huge but atypical of what they see it wasn't sticky it was smooth and just didn't look like cancer so they were very surprised. Now I feel very down and depressed because I already had to take days off from work for surgery then I found out that it was cancer now I need more treatment. I have 5 kids my youngest is only 3 and I will have to be away from them for this treatment I just don't know what to do/think.
I'm so sorry to hear you need to do radioactive iodine treatment.  Especially with little ones at home.  

I know the prognosis for most thyroid cancers (papillary and follicular) is very good, especially in someone younger, no matter what stage it is diagnosed in.

As for feeling very down and depressed - I'm so sorry you have to go through with the RAI and figure out how to manage it with kids and work, and especially when you are probably still trying to get to the right thyroid hormone level after surgery, which can already make someone feel down and depressed.

There is nothing I can write to make this easier for you, only that I wish you the best of luck with the RAI treatment, and hopefully once you have a plan in place for the RAI treatment and who is going to take care of the kids, it will be easier to handle.

Again, best of luck, and I'm hoping it all goes well for you.
Thank you very much all I can do is try to have positive thoughts.
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I'm sure you're tired, both from the surgery and from lack of thyroid hormones.  It will take a while for the replacement hormones to start working - usually between 4-6 weeks before they reach their full potential but you should start feeling some benefit sooner than that.  

Is that the only symptom you have?  

It sounds like you must have pretty miserable with nodules and a goiter that large.

Do you have any questions you'd like answered regarding your replacement medication, symptoms or anything?
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Yes should I be worried about the cancer?
Per your original post, the cancer was encapsulated.  Thyroid cancer doesn't spread as easily as other cancers and is one of the easiest to cure because it's removed along with the nodules/goiter, which yours was.  At this point, you'd be considered cancer free and  I don't think you should need to worry about cancer unless you have cancer in another part of your body.
Thank you so much what a relief!
You're very welcome.  Please be sure to let us know if there's any other help you need.
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I'm not sure I understand your question.  When did you have this surgery?  Since your thyroid has been removed, you will need to be on replacement thyroid hormones.  I'm assuming your doctor has given you a prescription for some thyroid hormone replacement - what medication did s/he  prescribe and what dosage?  

How are you feeling? Please let us know of any symptoms you have or what information you might need.
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Yes they gave me 100mg thyroid hormone replacement. I has surgery right before Christmas and I'm just feeling tired they called on the 3rd and said it was cancer we didn't know this beforehand it was just causing me breathing problems that's why I was having it removed they said it was very large 6 cm 87 grams on the right encapsulated and 50 grams ob the left because of that they were a little concerned
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