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Levo levels based on weight?

Has anyone ever heard that the amount of levo a person takes is based on their weight?

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also does anyone know of any good posts on here regarding how much levothyroid or synthroid one should take?
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The amount of levo based on body weight is an approximation based on the assumption of needing a full daily replacement amount.  The numbers I've seen vary so much they are at best only a guide.  This is especially true when you consider that the real goal is to relieve symptoms.  Everyone is different and the amount of thyroid hormone required to relieve symptoms varies accordingly.  

As stated numerous times, in my opinion the best way to treat a hypo patient is to test and adjust levels of FT3 and FT4 with whatever type of medication is necessary to relieve symptoms, without being constrained by TSH levels.  You can't predict in advance what  dosage will be required to do that.  Even if you could come close to predicting the final dosage, it is not wise to start at a high dosage, because you can have an adverse reaction to starting with too much medication.  So you start at a lower level that is tolerable to your body and you continue to test and gradually adjust until symptoms are relieved.  Where is the utility of having a target dosage based on weight?
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If mine was based on weight I should be getting less. There's a website which states that it should be based on weight. Here's their formula:

1.6 to 1.8 mcg per kg ideal body weight.

It gives this range for most women: 100 to 150 mcg
Most men: 125 to 200 mcg

Then it states those with severe hypoT require more medication.

It also states that a person can receive full replacement dose to start treatment if they're under 60 years old.

According to the site's recommendation (written by thyroid specialists), my dose should be 125 - 137 mcg. I am now on 162 mcg.

Later it goes on to say, individual L-T4 requirements are dependent on lean body mass, age, and gender differences. There are also other circumstances where dosage may be different.
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also the antibodies of a thyroid patient play a role in dosage so on many levels the real thing here Bruce is there is no formula molded for everyone based off the disease.

Its a required individualized treatment plan you and your doctor set and trial for you.

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I don't know if it goes by weight or not. I was on 200mcg for 10yrs & was 115 lbs. That was when I was 23. Now over the years my dosage has been lowered. I am now at 125mcg and 105 lbs. I have been on that dose for 6yrs.

I think at one time when I got off of my BC pills they had to lower my dosage.
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'It also states that a person can receive full replacement dose to start treatment if they're under 60 years old."

From personal experience and others here, I would say this statement is not valid. Go up at a pace that will not cause reactions.
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When I was pregnant I had an endo tell me that. Thank goodness I ran from him because my dose would have been 50 mcg higher than I was on!!
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