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Does anyone take Levothyroxine and if so, what do you think of it?  I have heard different things.  The doctor just got me started on meds and this is what he wrote.  
just checking on others thoughts.
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I am on Levothyroxine and have been for a little over two years.  I have only ever taken this med at this point for my thyroid so I have not comparison but I can tell you I've had no probs or side-effects.  
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I have been on levo (haven't taken any of the others) for about 6 mos.  I just got my labs back yesterday and my antibody numbers have stabalized.  I feel good.  So far it's working for me :)
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I was on Levo for about 9 months. I was OK at the beginning and then I start feeling tired, packing more weight. I hardly could do anything. I switched to Armour 4 days ago and even I am still adjusting to the dosage and can say I feel much better, more energy. I can finally do stuff.
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I've been on it for about 3 weeks (.175), so far so good.
I go to the endo on Monday to check my numbers, hopefully all is well.
I know 3 weeks is way early, but I'm hoping that I continue to do well.
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I just started this morning on Levothyroxine.  I'm still in isolation, but I'm feeling better already.  It could be psychological, but I'll take it.
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I started on Levothyroxine on Thurs.  The jury is still out!
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I have been on levothyroxine for 2 years and after tweaking it for awhile I finnalygot the right dosage. I feel pretty good, been loosing weight,

I think though I may have to get my dosage changed since I have lost from 214 of last fall to 187 as of today.
Got a doc appoin ment next month for tessts so we shall see.
Love Venora
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I started the levothyroxine on Friday, 22nd and have had a touch of diarrhea since, beginning about 8 hours after starting it.  Today was the worse.  I called the dr and he changed me to Synthyroid.  

anyone taking that?  
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I have been on it for 14 years and have no complaints.  I was on synthroid briefly when I was first diagnosed, but the doctors switched me to levothyroxine.  Either meds, no complaints.

I just had an endo appt.  last Friday and he did tell me something I did not know about generics (levothyroxine)... you need to make sure that each time you get a refill for the prescription that it is made by the same manufacturer.  Apparently, even though your prescription is for a specific dosage, each manufacturer's pills actually differ in dosage slightly.  So, maybe you were already told that, but since it sounds like you just started on it, I thought I would pass along the info.
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Two months & counting.... i'm still working on getting the right dosage for myself. I'm currently on 50 mcg, and am not quite where I feel i ought to be at yet. I'll be going to the doc & endo in a few weeks, so this might show that I need to bump it up a bit. Aside from the typical thyroid-y things, i can't say that i've had any side effects from the euthyrox besides a periodic loss of appetite....which I don't consider a bad thing seeing as I'm trying to drop some weight!

Good luck!
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I swear I've been on EVERYTHING except for Armour since my TT for cancer in Sept. '07.  

I started on a Levothyroxine and Cytomel combo and then switched to Synthroid only.  I had a more than a few sleepless nights on that combo of T3/T4.  I thought I "should" be on the name brand and "convert my own T4"...  

I HATED Synthroid only!  Bloating and arthritis (so bad I had trouble walking from the pain in my hip joint!)made me switch ASAP.  I went to Levoxyl and got a little better.  Never did Levothyroxine on it's own because I started to realize that *I* need the Cytomel.  I have since gone back to Levo and Cytomel with a switch up in ratio between the two based on MY needs.  

I like Levothyroxine the best and have (I think) finally found where I should be (pending lab confirmation...).  But having no thyroid, (I was never on replacement meds prior to TT), it is my feeling that you need a combo of T3 & T4.  And unless you are on Armour (natural pig thyroid hormone), the only way to accomplish that is to add Cytomel (T3) to your T4 replacement (Synthroid/Levoxyl/Levothyroxine/fill in the blank).

The only reason I've not tried Armour thus far is that pigs have a different ratio of T3 to T4 than humans.  With Cytomel you can change the amount of T3 based on "your body", rather than be "stuck" with a higher amount of T3 as a constant.  But hey, I do not deny that Armour does work for a LOT of people... They just may need a titch more T3 than I...
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I have been on synthroid for a little over two months. Hasn't given me much energy, probably cuz its not the right dose. It takes time they say. I had some issues with my hair falling out the first month on it. I guess that's the side effect of the drug.  Some arthritis issues. Other than that. I feel pretty much the same.
everyones different im 67 have been on evo for a week when i started experiencing pain in back and under bra line..doc took me off and put me on armour feel good after 3 days kicked in more energy like when i was younger...but doing research low thyroid is due 90 per cent to diet and 10 percent stress...so im tweaking diet coconut or almond milk NO WHEAT, especially and you'll feel even better on the meds...oils are good for you like olive oil, MCT coconut oil (good in coffee see health food store) cook with coconut oil no butter eat nuts like brazil nuts has selenium also white flour bad has bromides in it the us still uses in flour but in europe its outlawed, use almond flour, then there is chlorine brushing your teeth and taking shower is bad for thyroids (germans came up with the chlorine,to kill people) get a chrystal shower head has crystals in it cost about 60 bucks last for 6 months yea i know its expensive but do you want to feel better? look up dr axe or dr brownstein online to see what they say about thyroids...research...so many little things you can do to feel better...they talk about iodine and since we eat terribly with fast foods and empty calories...did you know armor is an old drug? over 100 years old made from pig? just start googling just start eating a plant based diet...carrots asparagus onions etc etc....also consider your adrenals that sit on top of your kidneys little cone shaped buggers there usually blown  beer full of wheat...not good anyhoo good luck,Noelle from the USA
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