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Life Insurance question

I have a blood draw and urine sample tomorrow for my life insurance evaluation.  Do I, or don't I take my thyroid medication?  Also, I took my xanax for the neck swelling last night and will not do that tonight, but will it still show in tomorrow's urine sample?  Do they even test that way?  
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Hi there.  

When samples of blood, urine are collected, the insurer will test for the presence of antibodies or antigens to the HIV virus; cholesterol and related lipids; liver or kidney disorder; diabetes; antibodies to hepatitis; prostate specific antigen (PSA); and immune disorders. The urine sample might go through routine analysis, plus screening for certain medications, cocaine and other drugs.  They can also detect cigarette patches.  Ouch that stinks.  No way to get away with being a smoker anymore.  

There are two ways your blood can be drawn: through a finger ***** or with a needle. A younger person might be asked for a finger-***** blood sample. If you're buying a large amount of life insurance, you might have to submit to a full blood profile.  It depends on how much you are getting plus your age on what you have to do.  Since you are young I don't see them doing a tread mill test or anything like that.  Just be honest.

Unless they ask that you bring your bottles with you, the parameidicals will probably just want to list what you take as a normal daily regimen.  If your asking for a lot they could order an attending physician's staement from your doctor.

Stay away from coffee /caffeine today and cholesterol.  

Good luck and congrats on the big girl pants.  LOL  Your friend.
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LOL!  wish I knew to stay away from caffeine this a.m. as I drank an energy drink (combatting the oh so tired again lately -  OK - I confess, I drank 2 since this a.m.).  So, if I tell them I am taking xanax 25 1 time per day, they won't ask me why? If they do, I am sure to be denied having just resolving carotidynia, right??  

My big girl pants are a little toooooooo TIGHT right now! LOL
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Be honest just don't offer any extra information.  If it's not in your records; it's NOT known.  Make sure and keep it that way.  hee hee.  My grandma calls those little white lies.  

WOW.  LOL ha ha ha HARDY Har har..... I guess instead of spelling rick with a p in front is not allowed so they will do a finger-stick instead.  LOL.  Never mind me, just alittle slap happy today.  They'll probably check you BP and HR too.  Take care.  
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