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Liothyronine T3 impossible to balance

Been taking Tirosint 112 - 1.25 Lio T3,.  T3 is very difficult to balance.  Originally prescribed 5mcg, way to strong.  I cut back.  

If I take 1.25 for 4-5 days, I'll feel good then I start going hyper, body gets super hot, undesired energy, insomnia, poor sleep, If I stop for 4-5 days, start feeling good, symptoms start to reverse, body temp normal, I sleep well, but tired.  Have blood labs next week.  Tiny changes can make a major difference with symptoms.      
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That small amount of T3 should not cause that kind of reaction.  When you get your labs net week, make sure they test for both Free T4 and Free T3, as well as Vitamin D, B12 and ferritin.  Do not take no for an answer.  
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Before making any final decision about med and dosage, you should make sure to get those 5 tests done.   Can you make that happen?
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Hi Gimel, thanks so much, understand what your sharing.  My body is very sensitive to medications.  I'm allergic to 11 medications, had reactions.  Believe I don't do well with generic, all my meds have been converted to brand cept Liothyronine (generic).  In the past I was on Levo, Synthroid, roller coaster labs, been on Tirosint 3 years, labs normal range.  I've request to go back to Tirosint only.    
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