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Living with hyperactive Thryoid nodule

Seriously, how long does it take to resolve these things? Living with this thing for 1 months now, on metoprolol to lower my heart rate which had gone up. That's working marginally, my heart rate is down in the 90s now.

But since I'm new to this, how long does it actually take before they'll DO something? I thought once they'd found the nodule and tested everything and they know it's hyperactive TSH <0.05 they would just book me for radiation or surgery. Instead I'm sitting here waiting for what I don't know. Continued symptoms of anxiety, sweating, diarrhea.
What is the normal process in this, does anyone know?
Thank you
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Hey Marsh,
Please dont wait for them to do something in their own sweet time.  Be the squeaky wheel and ensure they do something for you.  Keep bugging them until you are all better.
I'm sure others on this site will provide more answers than I have, but I just want you to know that I'm thinking of you!
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Yes, call them.
Your bio says you won't see the Endo until June.
Is that your first visit?

If not, that is unacceptable. At the very least you should be getting a telephone consult from the nurse with information or instructions, if not a scrip for meds.

Call them and tell them you want input now, either over the phone or in the exam room.

My Endo's nurse treated me for three months over the phone. It was lousy service, but it was better than waiting three months for another appointment.

Call them and tell them how great you feel, and is there a plan?
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Hi there,
I saw the endo on April 24th she gave me Tapazole and I was allergic to it, I got hives. My family doctor doesn't like that drug because he says it causes liver lesions. So he's referred me to another endo in the city that is a university professor at a teaching hospital. Well, I got that story wrong. It seems he's out of town and will be back April 8th, but is not seeing new patients until June. My family doctor said don't worry, they will get me in before that because he personally knows him. The first endo I saw called back last week and said take the Tapazole 1 more time but make sure your husband is with you all day just in case. That made me nervous and my family doctor said don't you dare, just wait until i can get you into the university professor. So I'm here waiting....and feeling confused and anxious.
This must be a lesson in patience, I suppose learning to accept things as they are. I love my family doctor, I went down tot he city to find him again when this all started because he takes a personal interest in his patients.
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I had to learn a lot about patience.
I gave my GP three months to "fix me", two years ago. We were laughing about that the other day.

Your family doctor sounds like a keeper. He probably will be able to get you in sooner. Endo's leave little holes in their schedule they don't admit to, just for this reason. Plus, people cancel all the time.

Be careful while you are sitting at home waiting that you don't get dehydrated from all the sweating. That can sneak up on you.
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Thatis unacceptable for him to tell you to take something that you are clearly allergic too!!! GEEZ!

I was battling HYPER for several years. Mine was a wait and watch deal but thats because my symptoms would come and go. Fianlly after my second pregnancy, we saw that one of my nodules was growing and it was time to get the Thyroid out. I was going to go on the meds originally but I became preggo again and he said lets see how things go...

Here I am, 1 week post op after a TT. Dont just sit around and wait. This is your health.
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I think mine is the same way too. I've had the nodule since 1994 when my endo first saw me. The in 97, 2000 and 2003 it went marginally hyperactive and I started with the anxiety attacks. But only this time is has gone severely hyperactive and the nodule has almost doubled in size since 2003.
Only thing is my family doctor says what has she been waiting for? In between those times it was fine so there were no symptoms.
Also she has lost her hospital privileges so he is not happy with her. As well as with the Tapazole and telling me to take it again with my husband around "just in case".
So I've decided to go along with my family doctor, go see this other endo and see what happens.

One question thought that I'm not clear on - do they have to give you meds to make it go hypo active before taking it out? Or can they just do a TT or a partial while the nodule is still active? That's what I'm not clear on - I'd just rather have the radiation or surgery, but I'm not sure if this endo also tells me to take the anti-thyroid meds first, whether I can push instead to have it out sooner rather than later.
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