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Losing hope

Im at a loss with my thyroid. My latest TSH was 13.150, free T3 3.10, free T4 1.4, anti microsomal antibody 132... I have Hashis and hypothyroid.  I currently take 300mcg of Levothyroxin and 25mcg of Cytomel, and have for years.  Ive gained a huge amount of weight, hoarse voice, annoying cough, dry skin, you name it, Ive got it kinda thing. Im so frustrated, I had to have a hysterectomy due to heavy bleeding 3 years ago. I also have symptoms of both hypo and hyper. Im getting a second opinion next month, but Im at my wits end.  My joints hurt so bad some days its a challenge to walk. Any advice?
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Yes, we do need to see your reference ranges.

300 mcg T4 and 25 mcg T3 is a huge dose of both.  How and when do you take those?  Do you have any issues with absorption as far as any other meds, supplements or nutrients are concerned?

When thyroid hormones aren't adjusted properly, we can have joint pain.  However, once we have one autoimmune disease, we are more susceptible to developing others.  Have you been tested for RA regarding your joint pain?
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Check your Vitamin D levels though its commonly mentioned as a bone and immunity raising vitamin it also plays a major role in thyroid hormone utilization and overall mental function.

300 mcg of levothyroxine seems like a huge dose for any person. Usually a person need thyroxine of around 1.6 times of body weight. For example a 50 kg person approximately need around 75 mcg for full replacement provided they don't have any problem absorbing thyroxine. Too much of thyroxine actually make metabolism slow down and raise weight, cholesterol etc. Too much of free thyroxine is harmful to body and as a safety mechanism liver converts excess free t4 to reverse t3 which reduces existing t3. Also taking T3 only drug not seem to work as expected as you are giving a high dose of T3 which only exist for a few minutes or hours and body require a continuous supply of free t3 for proper functioning of various cells.

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Sounds like you are hypo. Please post your results again with the reference ranges so that the experts here can best respond  to your situation.  (reference ranges vary from lab to lab)

If you have results of Vitamin D, Ferritin and B12 that will also be valuable.
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