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Losing voice

I had partial thyroid lobectomy in 2007 due to goiter and benign nodules in right lobe.  I now have a mass (possible scar tissue) on right side and benign tumor on left side.  Since biopsy with ultrasound, I am prone to loss of voice or hoarseness that will sometimes last over one week.  In 3 1/2 months, I have lost my voice 3 times.  Is this common?  
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Can be connective tissue between the voice box and near-by neck structiure, that presses on the vocal nerve
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I'm wondering if perhaps, since you say that this has occured after the biopsy, if there isn't a bit of swelling in that nodule from it???  Perhaps, a bit of a "bleed" into it that's causing a swelling and pressing on the vocal chords???  

I had a biopsy done about a month ago and never had any problems with feelings of fullness/pressure or tenderness.  Since then, I have had these feelings.  I'm not sure whether it's because I became far more aware of these things or whether the biopsy has caused some sort of "swelling" that just hasn't gone away yet.  Mine was partially cystic to begin with.  

It could also be that if there is scar tissue from the previous surgery, it is wrapping itself around or pressing on the voice area.  

Perhaps, a call to your doc/surgeon might be something to consider to put your mind at ease.  
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