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Low ACTH and Low Cortisol???

Hi!!  Just wondering if anybody out there has both low ACTH and Low Cortisol Levels??  I do...they are both at the lost limit of normal...and I have other endocrine problems...any input would be great.  Jen in NJ
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I know what cortisol is but what is ACTH???
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I have low ACTH and low cortisol levels as well, and also have a strange disorder that has caused several thyroid nodules to grow on one side of my thyroid and two fairly large benign tumors on my other side with normal thyroid levels except my free t3and some of the signs of hyperthyroidism.  My endocrinologist is stumped after doing the ACTH stimulation test and finding that my results make no sense.  I had previously been at the lowest level of normal on cortisol, but at the stimulation test a month later, I was found to have even lower cortisol levels and at that time it was discovered that my ACTH levels were really low too.  I also have a problem called galactorrhea which indicates a small pituitary tumor that causes breast milk production without having a child.  Have you seen a good endocrinologist?   Mine just told me to go to one of the top University endocrine clinics in the Chicago area because I am so atypical.  If you haven't had the ACTH stimulation test yet, talk to your doctor and insist on it.  You could have a serious adrenal problem or even addison's disease.  Have you had any other strange symptoms, like unexplained weight loss or strange menstrual cycle problems?  Under any extreme stress?  Hope you are doin alright
Aliceinwonderland320, This sounds like Multiple endocrine neoplasia or MEN also MEN1 MEN2,  have any of the nodules been biopsied?
Barbarella31... This is a very old thread and aliceinwonderland320 has not been active on the forum since she posted her response in March of 2008... it's unlikely she will see/respond to your comment/question.
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I study medicine in Greece. In the last exams of Pathology this case was on of the questions our teachers gave us. The main question was whether this situation combined with any of:
1. Diabetes Mellitus
2. Hashimoto Thyroiditis
3. Ulcerative Colitis
4. Erythema Nodosum
I thought that the correct answer is Hashimoto Thyroiditis. But they want us to explain the reason why. I didn't make it to explain this in the full range. I think that the problem begins from the pituitary gland. The molecule that makes the ACTH makes also MSH (cause of the skin hyper-pigmentation). So the body in this case builds MSH but low or non functional ACTH. Low ACTH makes the low levels of Cortisole. So I think that something binds this with the thyroid tissue. I finish my exams this week. I will make a better research in books and journals and maybe I'll come up with a better answer.
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