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Low Iodine Diet

I am newly diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer, have already had surgery and am now preparing for the treatment.  Regarding LID, it says chicken, etc. is okay, but when I look even at Organic chicken, it says it has sodium.  How do I know if that sodium has iodine?  Also, it says that soda is okay, as well.  Again, the label lists sodium...same question.
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Mot sodium is okay, as long as it's not coming from iodized salt. Look to see if salt is listed in the ingredients. You may find it helpful to join the Thyca group on Yahoo. I know I did. They have a lot of resources on the LID, especially if you look in the files.

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go to the thyca website. they have wonderful cookbook for LID also go to the healthfood store and see about their chicken I got mine with no sodium or salt and remeber it is LOW iodine not no salt or sodium diet. good luck
hey ask the doc about the thryoogen shots so you dont have to go through all this bull. I am getting my last RAI in may and I dont have to do all this again I am getting the thryogen shots taking my glowey pill and not looking back.
Love Venora
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I really appreciate you guys responding to my question.  I do realize that sodium is o.k.,  I just don't know how to tell if the sodium listed on the label, like the chicken or soda, has iodine in it.  I can't find anything that tells me for sure.  I am just kind of nervous about this whole thing.  I am really trying to stay on the diet properly.  I sure want whatever particles are left in there since surgery, to suck up the iodine they give me.  
Are the thyrogen shots the same as TSH?  I am scheduled for TSH injections on April 14 and 15.  On April 16, I will be given RAI, then on the 21st (I guess when I am safe to be around) they will do the Full Body Scan.  Anyway, I guess I will eventually get used to all this and not be quite so overwhelmed.  Thanks again to you both.    
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The LID cookbook is really great on thyca's website.  It's great how diligent you are being about it - you are committed to your recovery.  Best of luck to you - and do let us know what you find out!
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Yes the shots u will be receiving on the 15th and 16th are thyrogen. The sodium you do not want in your diet is sodium chloride...or Sea salt.....Hope this helps
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The LID cookbook says, if in doubt, leave it out.

Our one Supermarket (schnucks) has a butcher on sight and does not "preserve" their meats so they were good for me to eat.  You could also source a fresh butcher shop and talk to them.  

Personally, I only drank distilled water.  Sometimes even made it into sweet tea and that felt sorta normal for me.  Went out and got myself a Mr. Coffee tea maker.  Even had my own tap water tested.  I wanted to make sure I did my very best to get the full benefit from my RAI.  Nothing with a sodium content on the can I ate.  

A lady I was speaking to at the time gave me her diet example and it helped me SO MUCH. Here it is:

1 cup cooked oat bran (thats 2 bread sevingds)
1 tablespoon sugar (I used splenda as some say not to use sugar)
apple and orange (2 fruit)

Mid morning snakc:
1/2 cup carrot sticks (1 et)
apple (1 fruit)

Baked Potato (1 veg)
3 ounces Pork (1 meat)
apple and orange (2 fruit)

Baked Potato (1 veg)
3 ounces pork (1 meat)
1/2cup greens (1 veg)
1 1/2 cup steeped tea.

I made my own chicken stock by boiling the chicken once I sourced some.  Then used it on my baked potatoes with no iodine salt and pepper.  Also, oven fried in oil is good. Lunch I sometimes had a big salad too with my own balsamic vinaigrette dressing and add avacado, tomato, and put the chopped meat on tip. Mrs. Dash table seasonings is good too for overall use.

Sorry if this is duplicate, I dont have time to read all the responses.
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I'm not sure it helps, but if a product is kosher, than the salt is not iodized.  I read a TON of stuff when I was on LID, and finally came to the conclusion via rice krispies that when a product is labeled "Kosher", it's salt is iodine free and ok.  You can not always assume anything, but after reading up on Kosher products, I felt comfortable with using them as far as salt is concerned.  You still have to be careful with other ingredients listed in Kosher foods though.  Good luck with the LID.
BTW, LOVE your "name"...! :-}
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