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Low PTH/Low Vitamin d

I really need some input. I have had odd labs that do not seem to make sense   My PTH has been repeatedly undetectable at <3, calcium currently have 10.0 (has been between 10.0-10.2)  Vitamin d 10, platelets 587(repeatedly high), magnesium 1.4. I also have been diagnosed with a non functioning pituitary tumor 8mm compressing the pituitary stalk. I have been suffering from extreme headaches that wake me up in the middle of the night, muscle weakness, inability to lose weight despite change of diet, dry skin/hair, heart palpitations, and cramping of hands (tetany/dystonia) where my hand remains in drawn up position for a short period, releases and then cramps again. Any help or direction would be appreciated. My pituitary endo has referred me to a calcium specialist but I do not have an appointment for 6 months. Thanks you
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