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Low PTH, Normal Calcium, & kidney stones

What does it mean when you have both kidneys full of stones, a PTH level of 9.4 on a [14-72] scale, calcium level of 9.2 on a [8.4-10.4] scale, and a normal urine?
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Are you waiting on a consult from the dr regarding the testing you've had done?  I'm sorry, I have had issues with PTH but don't want to make a guess on what your results would be.  It could be several things.  But please keep us updated on what you find out.

Good luck, really.
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Thanks for your wishes... Right now I am waiting to see a urologist to discuss these test results. My pcm went over the results from the tests he order but didn't say what or why. He just said he wanted me to see a urologist and possibly an endocrinologist. Please share your thoughts, I'm interested...
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