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Low TSH and Pain in Thyroid area

Thyroid tests in December came back with high levels of Anti-Thyroglobulin AB 35.3, High T4 Free 1.75 and low TSH .01.  My doctor put me on Nature Thyroid and also began working with adrenal issues.  I also have RA and take predisone and enbrel.  My fatigue, weight gain, depression, heat and cold sensitivity, and dry skin have continued and after a short improvement have gotten worse.  I was tested again last week and everything came back normal except my TSH which is now <.005 and now my neck hurts.  It feels like something is pushing on my thyroid.  I keep getting getting a hoarse voice too.  I don't appear to have a goiter.  My doctor called and has increased the Nature Thyroid.  But I am still concerned about the pain and the rapid heart rate I keep getting.  I have been reading about low TSH which seems to indicate hyperthyroidism, but I am not losing weight and don't feel hyperactive.  Should I just give the new dosage time to get into my system, and if so how long should it take?  Or should more be done to check out the pain issues?  The doctor has not felt my throat at all?  Thank you.
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i agree with 898.  you need to have further tests...rai uptake scan, ultrasound, free t4, free t3 to determine if your HYPERthyroidism is caused by graves or thyroiditis.  each condition is treated differently.

when i had low tsh (.004) and high free t3, the doctor did the above tests and determined that i had silent thyroiditis, which is when the thyroid gets inflamed/damaged.  i wasn't put on any meds during the HYPER phase (i could have taken a beta blocker for the heart palps, but i didn't).  the hyperthyroidism i was experiencing was from the rapid release of hormone from the thyroid during the destruction phase.  once all the thyroid hormone was burned up, i became hypothyroid and then required medication.

what is nature thyroid?
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First of all before administering treatment a look at free T4 is needed.
If T4 is high with low TSH; you most likely are having thyroiditis. [RAI test can indicate low uptake 8% per 24 hours] I am not sure about "Nature thyroid" but if it tends to increase T4 and T3 levels and lower TSH ,it should not be used as it can make condition worse. Iwould strongly recommend to see anothe rspecialist as you may need dose to be lowered.
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