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Hello I am 45 yo male Army Pilot.  I got Thyriod cancer while in Iraq in 2004.  I have had my thyriod removed and completed two radition treatments.  My TSH is 0.2 to 0.5 ... I can not lose the weight i gained.  I went from 230 to 280.  I run 5 to 12 miles a day and do an hour of weight training also . I am on a 1000 cal diet.  Dazed and Comfused Help LOL
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As Sally said....have you had your FT3 and FT4 tested?
These are the most important in dosage requirements of a T4 med.
I only look at my TSH when the Ft3 and Ft4 are out of whack.
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Has your doctor tested anything other than the TSH?

You need to have your FT3 and FT4 tested.  These are the actual thyroid hormones.  If your levels of these two are two low, or if the FT3 is too low then it will tell you your meds need to be better adjusted.  That is half of the approach.  Let us know what your levels are and we can maybe guide  you a little.  But in general, FT3 should be in upper 1/3 of the range and FT4 should be in mid to upper half of the range.  Levels should also be adjusted based on how you feel.

Sorry to question you, but are you really on just 1000 calories a day?  With that weight and activity level?  You must feel awful!  And be hungry all the time.

From an 'athlete' point of view, your calories are way way too low for your body weight and activity level.  Essentially your body is in starvation mode and is clinging onto everything it can. Also with a calorie level of 1000 you will not be getting adequate nutrition.

Minimum calories even when dieting for an inactive woman is about 1200 /day.  I would think for a man it would be something like 1500 (and you are not small), then you need to add in about 300 - 500 calories for every hour of exercise you do (I would say 500 per hour of running and say 300 per hour of weight training).  This would give you at least 2500 calories/day.  Scarey huh!  But your body will have to get out of starvation mode if you're going to start losing weight.  A previous coach told me "fat burns in a carbohydrate fire".  A thought.  Your body is going to have to realise it isn't starving.  When you start eating properly you may gain at first before things stabilise and start getting better (keep up the exercise though).

I would still focus on keeping it fairly low carb. And make sure you are eating high nutrition foods and quality protein.  Stay away from high fructose corn syrup foods (check labels) and heavily processed foods.

Hope this gives you some food for thought.
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