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Low Vit D & Hypothroidism

I'm 48 yr old woman with over 10 year having hypothroidism.  I've had gastic-by pass in 2006 with great success, but this year I've been told to lower my throid medicine and now I've had two test indicating low Vit D.  The first was about 2 mos and it was around 11.  I was placed on 50,000 Vit D for once a week for 8 week treatment.  Then my test showed it went up only to 18 and I'm doing the 50,000 Vit d again.  Is this harmful or is there other test or items I should be looking for?  My legs hurt, but after the first treatment they stopped for a while.  However, I'm having problems focusing, having dry skin, and being very cold.  I've been seeing my regular doctor since my gastic by-pass just said take more vit d and I'll check you in a year--then two weeks later my regular doc got a copy of the test and said I needed the 50,000 treatment.  However, should I go to a doctor about thyroid deases (I believe an endocrine doctior)?  If I stay with my regular doctor, what things should I ask him to do if it is low after this 8 wk treatment?

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Hi I would ask for the full line of tests done as normally, vitamin D controls calcium and phosphorus absorption so if you are low in vitamin D you might be having problems with absorption of other vitimins and minerals. There are some medications that can cause a vitamin D deficiency so maybe do a search on the internet to see if any medication or treatment you are receiving or have received are know to interfer with the absorption of Vit D.
I would get your regular doctor to treat your Vit D once you have consulted and have a planned treatment  ring your Endocrine and ask them what problems they would see with this and if they require to see you regarding this.
Hope you are able to sort this out...bestest
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Hi.  I also had Gastric Bypass in 2006 and was able to lose 130 lbs in the first 10 months.  After that my weight loss came to a complete halt (only losing 6 lbs in the next 9 months - current).  I still have 60 lbs to my goal weight (which is at the high end of normal on the height/weight charts).  I have a personal trainer and workout at the gym 12-15 hours per week as well as eating a clean, balanced diet.  Anyway, once my weight loss plateaued I started having other medical issues like kidney stones and a-fib.  I dealt with this for several months and just recently saw my endocrinologist in February and found out that I had secondary hyperparathyroidism caused by a Vitamin D deficiency...as well as hypothryroid.  The hyperparathyroidism is what is causing the a-fib and kidney stones to the best of their knowledge.  It all comes down to the Vit. D though.  There are several medical issues that can be caused by vitamin deficiencies, and as post-gastric bypass patients, we mal-absorb several vitamins so it's very important to keep monitoring your levels.

I would definitely suggest seeing an endocrinologist and asking for a full lab workup.  Best of luck!  
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My Vit D level is 19 and I'm taking 50,000 IU 1x week for 3 mos, then retest. I had RAIU test last week. Have multiple nodules on left thyroid lobe. The tech saw my labs and asked me if I have ever been tested for hyperparathyroidism.

How is that diagnosed? Serum calcium is 9.7 which is in the normal range.

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Parathyroid issues can be tested with a PTH lab (parathyroid hormone).  It's completely separate from your thyroid gland.  Ask your doc to run this lab - or check your recent labs to see if they already ran it.  You'll see it listed as PTH.
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I believe you do need the whole panel like above - the PTH (parathyroid hormone) the Seruim calcium- ionized calcium - phorophus and Vit D Serun calcium (normal ) is inthe ranges of 8.0 - 10.2 if you are higher that is a good sign a parathyroid could be malfunctioning.

"Thypatient" here in the forum is experienced with parathyroid. Are you experiencing acid reflex?

A good web site to view is www.parathyroid.com to see all symptoms of this issue.

With gastro - I do not know if anything would change for you.
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I'll get the parathyroid tests when I see the internist again next week. My BMD has gone from normal density 2 yrs. ago to body wide osteopenia with osteoporosis in the right hip as of last month. In addition I had a pelvic US which showed multiple ovarian calcifications that are supposedly old dermoids.

Maybe it's not my thyroid after all even though it's full of nodules and I have hyper symptoms.

Thanks for all the info.
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