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Low cortisol/ underactive thyroid/inflammation

Does anyone have low cortisol as well as an underactive thyroid? Cortisol is the primary stress relief hormone.
Recently I read in a book entitled Stress Less by Don Colbert, MD that "If cortisol is very low, it cannot provide anti-inflammatory compounds that are part of the body's overall anti-inflammatory response." I have tendinitis due to my occupation and I am under chronic stress so I wonder if low cortisol as well as an underactive thyroid could be prolonging the tendinitis. Both the Workplace Safety Insurance Board and my physiotherapist have been surprised by the fact that I have had the tendinitis for 10 months now with 9 months of Physio coverage.
I am about to be referred to a specialist about the tendinitis through the WSIB.

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I am rather lazy hehe so I'll post another answer of mine on adrenal fatigue. Easy home tests to try out...


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Thanks for your reply and the link.
I have been feeling more stressed, anxious, sensitive, and emotional recently than I have for some time. I also wonder if I ought to ask for DHEA testing.Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is an important endogenous steroid hormone produced in the adrenal glands.
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DHEA is a precursor for male and female hormones.  Levels, typically, start declining after the age of 30.   Supplementing too much can theoretically  increase the risk of prostate, breast, ovarian, and other hormone-sensitive cancers.

Many doctors won't test DHEA and even more don't believe in adrenal insufficiency.
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Thank you for the info. Maybe I'll just consider asking about cortisol. I won't say "adrenal insufficiency." The doctor is aware that there have been and continue to be significant stressors in my life.

I should have my lab results soon for my thryoid ...
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Unfortunately, a single AM cortisol is  not very useful, because cortisol naturally rises and falls according to your circadian rhythm.  Typically, cortisol would be higher in the early morning, as your body prepares to wake for the day, then it would decline throughout the day as the body prepares for sleep.

The best testing for cortisol is a 24 hr saliva test, which, again, most doctors won't order; most people order it via the internet and it's not covered by insurance.
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Oh, thanks for letting me know. I wonder how one can try to naturally support the adrenal glands. I once read licorice root was good, but not for the long-term as it can raise blood pressure.
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