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Low-level laser therapy on the thyroid gland

Hello. I am a 47-year-old male, and I have autoimmune hypothyroidism.

I recently read that something called "low-level laser therapy" or "cold-laser therapy" can be used on a thyroid gland that has been damaged by Hashimoto's. Supposedly, the laser therapy will regenerate the thyroid gland, restore the ability of the thyroid gland to make thyroid hormone, and significantly reduce (or even eliminate entirely) a person's need for Synthroid.

This laser therapy is described in the following article from 2017:


Has anyone on this forum received low-level laser therapy on the thyroid gland?

At the bottom of the above article, there is a section entitled "Laser Therapist Listings". This section lists some websites. These websites are online databases of doctors and medical practices that currently use low-level laser therapy.

I live in Chicago, Illinois. Unfortunately, just about all of the Chicago-area medical practices listed in these databases are chiropractic practices and pain-management practices that probably do not work with the thyroid gland.

Does anyone on this forum know of any doctor who is in Illinois, Wisconsin, or Indiana, and who can use this laser therapy on my thyroid?

Also, I have heard that some people buy these lasers online and proceed to apply this laser therapy onto their own thyroid glands (like a do-it-yourself project). For example, in the comments section of the above article, there is a comment from April 13, 2017, from a commenter named James. In his comment, James says that he used a 650nm laser on his own thyroid, with great results.

Has anyone on this forum tried to use such a laser on his/her own thyroid?

Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi, marvalrus.

I have not yet found a doctor in the Midwest who performs low-level laser therapy on the thyroid.

The 2017 article that I mentioned in my original post, was written by Izabella Wentz. Ms. Wentz's staff members tell me that a laser has to be set to some specific settings before the laser can be used on someone's thyroid, and that only a trained doctor will know what these settings are. So, even if a patient can procure a laser, it is not a good idea for the patient to use the laser without input from a trained doctor.

The lasers that people buy online and use at home are actually LED devices, not lasers.

The following article lists the different LED products that are currently available on the market:


One very small LED product that can be used on the thyroid is the following:


However, except for an April 13, 2017, comment from someone named James (a comment that I mentioned in my original post), I don't have any concrete evidence that an LED device works on the thyroid as well as an actual laser does. Izabella Wentz's staff members tell me that they have not done any research on the effectiveness of these LED devices.

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Did you ever find anyone to do this?
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Having worked with many chiropractors, I would not trust them with the care of your thyroid. That is not within the scope of their training.
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