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Low sugar diet?

Ok so I finally got insurance and returned to my original doctor. She gave me samples of Synthroid 112 mcg as she said thyroid was extremely high and ordered an a1c test as blood sugar has been slightly elevated for last six year (never high enough to be actual diabetes) was told I was insulin resistant when it first started. So nurse calls me back and tells me to keep taking synthroid and doctor strongly recommend I do the low blood sugar diet and lose weight as levels were slightly high. Only problem is they didnt say which low blood sugar diet or give me any info. Argh. And I have been trying to lose weight but thyroid does not help. oh well, just venting I guess, will figure it out.Anyone else have problems with sugar level and thyroid?
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You can do a search for "low glycemic foods" - those are the foods that have the least affect on your blood sugar; but mostly you need to avoid white sugar, white flour, white rice or any of the things that are high in simple carbs; instead go for the veggies, beans, whole grains, nuts, etc. along with lean protein and low/no fat dairy.  That should help keep your blood sugar in check and with regular exercise, should also help you lose some weight.  

BTW-- exercise will also help keep your blood sugar down.  
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Thank you for responding, I will look them up, have been walking alot but will get my mini trampoline out and hand weights and start some of those  exercises too.
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Wake up call isnt it?

Mine glucose kind of varies. The whole insulin thing can be auto immune related, as in my case I have thyroid antibodies. I am not over weight, yet my glucose can be high at times. Didnt say if you have thyroid antibodies did.

I ate healthy before, but now I watch it even more as I dont want that glucose to climb at all. You really need to eliminate all sugary snacks and soda from the home, this is difficult if there are other people in the house that don't think they need a healthy diet. Remember, if its out of site, its out of mind. I used to like baked potatoes- starch is sugar, no more (but there so good).

I finally got a 2 hour glucose load test before my insurance runs out, I was OK on that (thank god). Did you get that test?

As far as loosing weight, many non-athletic people are afraid of lifting weights. You can gain calorie burning muscle and not get a bulky look. I see people use treadmills for hours on end (way too much) without weight loss. If they developed even a little more muscle they would lose weight easier.

Try to get meat protien from chicken or fish, stay away from pork, there is nothing good for you in greasy, fat filled pork (even though the smell bacon makes me weak!), I dont buy pork any more.

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I lost some weight by riding the stationary bike and with that, my glucose is down alot from 90's to 70's. And I am still eating chocolate, rice, cookies when I really have a craving. I ride the stationary bike when I read. I walk alot. I do check the nutrition labels every time I buy the food. Hope this help.

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yes I have had that test before, but it always shows I am not quite diabetic. My frustration is not that I have to cut sugars but not knowing how much. Dont know about the thyroid antibodies, dont think she has ever tested that. I exercise by walking and am on my feet all day, I am obese at 211, but have had a hard time losing the weight and keeping it off. A month ago I weighed 206 and 2 weeks ago I weighed in at 217 so it fluctuates and that is without changing my diet. thank you both for your response.
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So you take synthroid.......your doc should have given you a thyroid antibody test for auto immune thyroid, that is the standard next step.

Hoshimotos disease is hypothyroid caused by antibodies. You really need to know this. It needs to regulated closer than just a slow thyroid. And since its an auto immune disease other autoimmune diseases have a greater chance to happen- so you need to pay attention to your body more and play it safe.  Did you know Diabetes is an auto immune disease?

I am an example, even though I'm athletic with no extra weight to lose I still have to watch what I eat because my glucose can climb. That really concerned me, I eliminated most sugar and starches, but my diet is sooo boring now. Even a baked potato is kind of a no-no. On the other hand I have developed a new taste for some veggies with fat free ranch dressing. A 'sugery' snack for me is now yougert or pineapple (yum), kiwi, mango, ect.

If your on you feet all day, that is hard on the back and lower extremities. As stated above, pedaling (stationary or bike) might be a good change for you and its easier on the body than walking on hard surfaces which you already do a lot of. There are a lot of different style bicycles and seating positions to accommodate the general non-riding consumer, they call them 'comfort bikes' at bike stores - quality but under $400 . Granted discount 'box stores' are cheaper but the choice and quality are limited.  Exercise is easier If your an 'outdoor' person and live in a beautiful state like I do (the land of 10,000 lakes) but on the other hand our winters can be brutal some years, then I am bored in the gym untill it gets above 15F (my outdoor fun threshhold).
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I used to live there a long time ago, I loved hiking right outside of Hastings where I lived.I do love it outside, though am limited to walking as no bike right now ( may look into getting one). Have not been tested for antibodies, but will ask her when I go back in December. I love yogurt, but I am concerned about which carbs I can eat. Thank you for responding.
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