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Lump in the throat

Hi everybody,
First of all, I apologize for my English deficiencies (I am international student). So, I am 28 y.o., with hypothyroidism since I was 25, and I am taking 75 mg of Eutirox daily, which is a European levothiroxine brand. In March 2009 I was diagnosted with ADHD and started taking Adderall (15 mg, then 20 and two weeks ago a changed to 25 mg). The problem is that in the last ten days, more or less, I started feeling a lump in my throat, and I in panic, since I'm thinking the worst scenario (I have lost my father last October for pancreatic cancer, and since then, I have become a bit hypochondriac). I had my blood test 2 weeks ago, and everything was fine, but the sense of the lump is making me crazy. The Uni health center referred me to a endocrinologist, I'll go next week. In the meantime, I just wanted to know if anybody has the same experience...it is really frustrating, and I am scared it could be a tumor.
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A lot of hypothyroid people have 'lump in throat sensation'!!!!! Usually the thyroid itself or a form of acid reflux, GERD, silent relux LRPD (up higher). Look at the earlier questions from today and the last few days on this subject. Very common question here.

The more you are aware of the lump feel, the worse it seems to get. Sometimes lasts a month, or only a day!

Have you had a neck ultra scan (easy) for the thyroid?  This is done to check for nodules - a lot of us have them.

I really doubt this is related to your pancease, but I am not a doctor.
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The lump in the throat sensation would be from the thyroid in my opinion.
Sometimes I would feel as if someone had their hands round my throat and I would have to take a really hard deep breath to catch my breath.
See your Endocrinologist and mention this to him/her.
I doubt very much that it has anything to do with the Pancreas as the symptoms for that are in the bile duct and not the throat.
Good Luck with your Endo and post back the results when you know.
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Thank you so much for your messages, really. Sometimes it is so difficult to handle this things when you are alone, far away from your family... everything seems harder to deal with. And receiving messages from people who is passing through similar situation is a huge relief for me, so thanks!
I have my appointment on Monday, and I will surely post the results!
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Keep your chin up.....as I said, I very much doubt it would be anything to do with the Pancreas.
I feel its more a thyroid issue.
But your Doctor will explain it all to you.
Ask all the questions you need and its worth writing down ALL your symptoms before you go as we so often forget to tell our Doc whats going on.
Good Luck and welcome to the forum :)
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