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Lump in throat - Lots of mucus, too!

I have underactive thyroid and I also have terrible breathing problems and chest tightness.  I have finally learned here that it may be caused by my low thyroid.  My doc just changed me to Armour. I can't wait to see if I finally start to feel better. It's been 2 years and I am at my wits end!  I really can't go on living like this and I don't know what to do anymore.

I also feel like I have a lump in my throat frequently, like there is a big ball of mucus like a plug that won't go down. After a while it goes away, but always comes back.  Could this also be caused by thyroid???  Thanks so much for any help.  I really don't know where to turn any more and I'm getting depressed.  No docs have helped me (ENT says ILS/VCD, Gastro says relfux, Allergy docs says allergy to wheat/corn/oats/barley/apple/shellfish, asthma doc says stress induces asthma, of course!)  JUST TRY LIVING WHILE CUTTING OUT ALL ACID REFLUX FOODS AND ALL THE GRAINS AND APPLES AND SHELLFISH - DOESN'T LEAVE MUCH!!!!!!!!!   They have all given me lots of meds - BUT NOTHING HAS HELPED!
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I answered your other post. I have been through the whole "lump in the throat" thing. When my tsh is very high I have the same feeling. Have had the docs say the same exact things. They have even put me on acid pills, anxiety meds, antidepressants, inhalers, etc. Nothing helped then when my levels went down a bit it started to ease up. I know everything runs slower when you are hypo I believe it is related to that. When it is really bad I drink ensure because I can't even stand the thought of food going down my throat. My synthroid got stuck this morning when I took it. I sip on water all day long and that helps me a lot.
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For along time, I had the same exact symptoms you describe.  

I get a massive lump in my throat and start hacking up tons of mucus, as you described a big ball of mucus, that won't go down, till I figured out the problem.  

I visit doc, allergist, ENT, and they didn't have a clue, I was prescribed, acid reflux med, gastro meds, allergy meds, Asthma meds, etc.... Nothing worked.  

Well, I began keeping a journal each time, the symptoms occured.  And I discovered sugar was causing lump in throat, excessive muscus production, mostly beverages with high sugar, soda, Hawaiian punch, etc...... I would feel fine, drink a soda, then wham !! big ball, lump in throat, mucus production.  I would drink strictly water, and eliminate sugar, symptoms go away !

Chest tightness, and breathing issue for me, hyperthyroid symptom (anxiety).  

Also are you a smoker ??  Is there anyone you live with smokers ??    

Too much smoking or being in enviroments with alot of smoke can trigger off, lump in the throat, breathing issues, excessive mucus, and tight chest.  

Hope you discover answer soon, and feel better.  

Good luck !!!  
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