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Lump in throat - cancer?

In August and July, I got strep throat and then mononucleosis (my doctors think...), which kicked my butt pretty bad - exhaustion, fevers, and my throat so swollen and sore I could not speak for 2 weeks.

My throat is healing, very slowly, but now I have noticed a lump in the back of my throat. When I open my mouth, you can see, on the left side back wall of my throat, a walnut-sized lump pressing against the skin. Some times the lump seems smaller, other times it seems bigger. I have visited throat specialists and they have not even commented on it.

I'm just curious to hear if this sounds like thyroid cancer. I am 19-year-old caucasian female, so I am in the risk group :x   Thanks!
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You said the lump is at the back of your throat?  Your thyroid is in front.  Have you asked the specialists about this lump?  
Maybe someone else would have an idea what this is.  
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Thanks. Sorry about the anatomy blooper.

I asked my throat doctor to look at, but my tonsils are such a mess that he didn't even notice it. I think it might be an abcess or a swollen lympth node. I don't have any other abnormally large lymph nodes anywhere else on my body, though, which may be good or bad.
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