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Lump in throat, burping, and stomach pain

Two months ago I started to have symptoms of a lump sensation in my throat with a feeling of mucas in the back of my throat, and short burps. My doctor wanted to start with a nasal spray to see if this were from allergies. I tried the spray, but it really did not help anything. One month ago, I was visiting family, and had horrible stomach pains. The holidays were taking its toll. Thinking it had something to do with reflux due to stomach pain and burping, I tried Prilosec. Horrible nausea came from that. After speaking with the doctors office, they recommended trying Previcid. Tried it....it seamed to help a little bit. I had taken this for 7 days, 30mg per day. Since stopping this OTC, I still have a lump feeling in my throat, and when I eat at night, it feels like my stomach is weighted down. No irregularity. Only a couple of days when taking the Prilosec.

I'm not in any pain. It is just uncomfortable, and I know this is not right. I do worry because a few years back (2006) I had by chance found someting on my thyroid. It was tested, and found to be benigne. But again this worries me. I'm sure it does not help that I smoke. But this just came on 2 months ago.

One other thing.....in the morning, I typically don't feal this sensation. It comes on as the day gets started. And it gets worse when I lay down for the night. Alot of times I will eat some pretzels, and the combination of the pretzel and salt will calm it down for a short period of time.

I see alot of people blogging on this subject. I know there are many different thoughts on this. And I am confused as to what to do next.
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You need an ultrasound of your thyroid and a thyroid blood panel. That will detect any abnormalities. I'm afraid there's no way to know for sure by your symptoms. The sensation in your throat is commonly reported by thyroid patients, but I'm not sure about your stomach upset. Especially with your history of thyroid irregularities, your doctor should run these basic tests.
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Just a consideration for you.  I know from personal experience that a while back when I got back into being hypo again, I had very bad acid reflux, even though I was already taking Prilosec twice a day.  Shortly after Armour thyroid came back on the market and I went back to my previous dosage of Armour which increased my Free T3,  and in two days my acid reflux was gone.

Is it possible that you are hypothyroid?  Have  look through this list of hypo symptoms and see if you do have some of them that might indicate hypothyroidism.  If so, then you would need to get some testing done to confirm.


If needed we can give you a list of recommended tests for you.
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