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Lump in throat

I had half my thyroid removed in 2002 and the other half removed in 2004. Both surgeries were due to non-cancer tumor growth.  They did not remove the parathyroid glands.  I now am experiencing a feeling of a lump in my throat when I swallow and the front of my neck seems swollen or enlarged. It is very difficult to swallow if my head is even slightly titled up. What could be causing this?
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It would help members respond if you post whatever thyroid test results you have, along with their reference ranges.  Also, what thyroid medication and dosage are you on?  Do you notice any other symptoms that may be thyroid related?
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This can be from acid reflux. Common. Some people dont feel the burn, but the bodys natural defense is to tighten up the Upper Esophageal Sphincter. Any digestive things going on?

Any tight neck muscles?
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I take Levothyroxine 125mcg.  My tests were at the high end of normal last time I was tested which was 6 months ago but because it was still within normal range we decided not to change dosage.  I don't have the exact test results.  I have no other thyroid related symptoms and no digestive symptoms either. Just the feeling of a lump and it is only on the right side of the throat.  The front of my throat appears swollen and if my head is tilted up the lump makes it difficult or impossible to swallow. Feeling around the area it feels like something has grown into the area where my thyroid used to be.  I know that they did leave the parathyroid glands in.  Is it possible that they now are enlarged?
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What tests are you saying were at the high end of normal?  I have no related experience to what you are describing, but I think I would go back to the doctor and have it examined, including ultrasound, to get a better idea of what is there.
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Hi . I have had a sub-total thyroidectomy, in 1998, and just had a right lobectomy done this july2009, for a nodule and graves disease.
I have problems with scar tissue, which causes me a restriction in my neck and throat, also on my second operation, the surgeon mentioned i had a lot of fibrosis, and scar tissue in my throat,
Maybe that is what it is, i would ask for a US scan to see if they can fnd out what is going on.
Sometimes mine feels worse than others, and it can affect my swallowing to like a lump in the throat.
Hope this is off some help. You could try it just might be this?
Take care, my endo surgeon did say the more surgery done the more scar tissue can develop.
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